Robert Naorem - Beauty Expert from Manipur : Profile

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Robert Naorem - Beauty Expert From Manipur

Robert Naorem - Beauty Expert From Manipur

Name: Robert Naorem
Father's Name: Naorem Dwijamani
Mother's Name: Thokchom Rekha
Address: Singjamei Thokchom Leikai
          (near Imo Filling Station)

Robert Naorem - Beauty Expert From Manipur

Robert Naorem - Beauty Expert From Manipur

As a beauty expert and working for film, fashion shows, beauty pageants like Femina Miss India, Cheerleaders of IPL cricket teams, brand promoters for various products, artists, models, Robert Naorem is among the top beauty experts of India.

Robert Naorem who is 28 years old hails from Singjamei Thokchom Leikai (near Imo Filling Station) in Imphal West district. He is the son of Naorem Dwijamani Singh and Thokchom Rekha Devi.

The main aim of Robert is to highlight the typical Manipuri costumes to the outside world and also to promote the youths who are interested in the fashion industry. He wants to be a guide to the youths of the state to provide a platform at the national level for their commercial profession in the field of fashion.

Since 2008 Robert Naorem established Robert Academy at Bengaluru a private run make-up training institute by providing employment opportunity as beauticians to more than 15 Manipuri youths. As a person who has a heart of nationalism, Robert wants to groom young talented Manipuri youths only by rendering the knowledge as a beauty expert. He wants to share the ideas and knowledge to the youths of Manipur.

Robert Naorem - Beauty Expert From Manipur

Robert Naorem - Beauty Expert From Manipur

Besides running the Robert Academy as a beauty expert, he is currently undergoing a PhD course after he completed his M Phil in Psychology. He also works as a part time lecturer in CMR College, Bengaluru and also as a Guest lecturer in NIFT, Bengaluru.

After his completion of Xth standard from Don Bosco School, he went to Bengaluru for further studies. There, he chooses to be trained as a make-up artist as per his wishes since childhood. While studying Class IX, he joined one year training in make-up at Manipur Dramatic Union (MDU). He even had a chance to make-up 2/3 bridegrooms while in training.

Unfortunately, Robert could not complete the make-up training as his parents came to know what he is doing and restricted it. Family members chided and even beat him up asking him not to go for a make-up artist profession. After landing at Bengaluru for his studies in eleventh standard, his parents did not know that Robert is moving towards the make-up field. His main interest was to join a short term make-up training courses and also to participate in seminars. Apart from it, Robert never stopped reading books and surfing internet as he longs to know more and more about the beauty culture.

Robert Naorem - Beauty Expert From Manipur

Robert Naorem - Beauty Expert From Manipur

As time goes by Robert could however manage to get contacts with experts from the fashion industry and took the profession according to his wishes. Robert in no time became an expert in the industry and thus has an earning by working in the fashion industry. Starting from Miss Bengaluru then to Femina Miss India, Robert got many a number of assignments as a beautician.

He also got the opportunity to work as a beautician for various international fashion shows, films, cheerleaders for the IPL cricket match, brand promoters of companies and artists, models, etc. He is also associated with fashion magazines like Cosmopolitan, Femina and others. Almost 95% of the fashion extravaganza and events at Bengaluru comes under Robert working as a beauty expert.

He recently participated in Incredible India Fashion Show at Washington on December 4, 2012. Further, Robert is preparing for Bangkok Fashion Week in March 8, 2013.

Robert Academy at Bengaluru gave employment to more than 15 Manipuri youths as he himself is unable to manage the growing demands. Besides, the Manipuri youths working at the academy were given training in communication skills, personality, self employments and the dignity of oneself under the guidance of Robert. More than 5 lakhs are spent on the salary of the staff of the academy.

Even as family members of Robert restricted him from working in the field of fashion industry at his earlier stage of life, Robert managed to find the path in whatever way he could and found his due recognition as well.

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* Daniel Chabungbam is presently working as Manipur Correspondent of guwahati based Frontier TV 24 x 7 news channel
This profile was first webcasted on February 18, 2013


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