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Rupali Longjam

Rupali Longjam


Name: Longjam Rupali Devi
Father's Name: Longjam Jibonkumar Singh
Mother's Name: Longjam ongbi Gunibala Devi
Date of birth: 27th October 199X
Birthday: Sunday
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Address: Thangmeiband Maisnam Leikai
Height: 5'4''
Profession: Model
Education: Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) from Mangalore University
Hobby: Reading English novel, listening Music, meeting people & making friends, preparing different dishes
Favourite Actor: Robert Pattinson, Kaiku, Gokul
Favourite Actress: Angelina Jolie, Maya Chowdhury
Favourite Movies: Twilight series, Basantagee Nongallamdai
Favourite Dish: Uti and Meat
Favourite Colour: Black
Ambition: To become a professor

Beauty pageant, fashion shows, modeling and fashion designing is a new taste of this new generation. This is speeding up among the youths of today's world. Besides, the teenagers of the state are also going along with the new trend of all this present era. Though, it is in the initial stage in our society, many youths have excelled in this field of miss pageant, fashion shows, modeling and designing. Many are following the winner's footsteps. Among the enthusiast of the present day fashion related trend is winner of the coveted title of NEFICA Miss North East India 2014 held at Aizawl, Mizoram, Rupali Longjam.

Rupali Longjam

Rupali Longjam

E-pao: Please share your personal bio data.
Rupali: I am the only daughter among three siblings. I have one elder brother and one younger brother. I studied at Little Flower School upto sixth standard and continued my further education at Shillong. I cleared my tenth exam with 70% marks. I completed my twelfth standard from Alva's College in Commerce stream with distinction. I am currently pursuing my MBA course as I desire to become a professor in my future career.

E-pao: How did you step into fashion industry?
Rupali: Though I did not take up fashion and modeling as my profession, it always has been a passion to me. Following my passion I joined the Miss Kut beauty pageant in 2013 at Imphal but could not achieve my dream. But in spite of my failure I was not disheartened with it. While in search of expertise in this field, I stepped in to Halley's Model Grooming Studio at Haobam Marak Keisham Leikai.

There I got the opportunity to learn various loopholes and flaws which I faced earlier. After associating with Halley Laithangbam at his studio, I took part in Orange Queen beauty pageant in 2013 and won the Best Costume and Miss Photogenic title, which is my first ever award in the field of fashion industry.

E-pao: Please share your experience of winning the coveted Miss North East India 2014 title.
Rupali: With the knowledge I got from Halley's grooming class, I participated in the Imphal audition of NEFICA Miss North East India which was held at Halley's Studio. I got qualified for the final contest which was to be held at Aizawl. There were twelve contestants from all north eastern states excluding Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim in this year's beauty pageant.

All the contestants had to compete in three different rounds; traditional round, casual round and evening gown round. Apart from the Best costume and Miss Congeniality title, I also won the coveted Miss North East India 2014 title.

E-pao: What kind of quality or personality one must possess to achieve a desirable title like 'Miss North East India?'
Rupali: Beauty alone doesn't make anyone win any title but the true determination of oneself is behind one's success. Positive approach, confidence, ability to face the spectators, personality, etc is what a contestant should posses to be a successful model or win a beauty challenge.

Education, apart from all the qualities is the main factor that leads everyone to become successful in this competitive world of fashion.

Rupali Longjam

Rupali Longjam

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