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Soma Laishram

Soma Laishram

Soma Laishram, an actor / model who is doing her graduation in English from GP Women's College love eating Chinese food. She is one of the most talented new comers and has acted in various video albums and films. She hopes to study Mass Communication and also seat for the UPSC exams in future. E-pao presents an exclusive interview with Soma.


Name: Soma Laishram
Address: Haraji leikai, Imphal
DOB: 5th January
Sunshine: Capricorn
Height: 5'3 feet
Favorite foods: Chinese food
Qualification: II semester BA English Honors
Hobbies: Reading novels, Singing and Shopping
Favorite Actors: Angelina Jolie and Keanu Reeves
Profession: Actor and model

Soma Laishram

Soma Laishram

E-pao: Hi Soma, please tell us how many films have you done so far?
Soma: Hi, till now I have acted in 9 films of which 5 has been released. I have 7 more assignments in hand as of now.

E-pao: How many Albums have you acted?
Soma: I have acted in almost 40 albums till now.

E-pao: Can you please tell the name of your first film and a few others which has been released?
Soma: My first film was 'Phijang Marumda' directed by Bimol Sharma, and some others are Loibatare TaRaju, and Epaaktuda 'The Lake'.

E-pao: Which video albums do you think made you a recognized face in this Manipuri Entertainment Circle?
Soma: Video albums like "Hey Girl", "Ho Leishabi", and "Rashi Leibi" introduced me as a new face to our Manipur Glamour World.

E-pao: Please share the struggles you have had during this climb.
Soma: As a child, I was always interested in dancing and singing. I have taken part in many local events, Doordarshan shows etc. I also had 6 months course of traditional dance, had represented our school at a traditional dance festival at Dibrugarh, Assam. Knowing all this, my cousin, Reena Thalkelambam made me act in the video album "Hey Girl", since then, there is no looking back.

E-pao: As a model, share with us the assignments you had had.
Soma: My first ramp show was the Tourism Festival Ramp Show, then Brand New Collection's Ramp Show at GM Hall and few others. Nowadays, I only do special shows and artist shows but I am open to any exiting assignments.

E-pao: Any achievements as a model.
Soma: Yes, I was crowned "Best Catwalk" at Orange Festival, 2009 and "Miss North East" at Mega Miss North East contest 2010, Guwahati.

E-pao: How do you compare the Glamour of today and some years before?
Soma: Manipur Glamour industry has improved a lot in terms of technically equipments and as it can now contest in Panorama too, there are chances of growth.

E-pao: As a film actor, what difficulties do you face?
Soma: As I am a student, my educational time table a time collides with my shooting schedules. It is really a hard task to manage with the schedules. Life is harder in winters (laughs).

E-pao: How would you define an artist?
Soma: An artist should a person with good character, good personality, well educated as they are the role models of the society. Self confidence is also much needed.

E-pao: As we all know, Manipur is a conservative society, people speaks negative of an artist, what is your take on this?
Soma: Rumors cannot be stop from spreading; they happen but to me I think they speak of us because they love us. They want us to deal with our life more carefully and we appreciate all they criticism as it gives us a chance to mould ourselves into a better human being.

E-pao: Your most memorable moment.
Soma: The day I won the Mega Miss North East contest, I was just 18 and cannot believe I did that (smiles).

E-pao: To whom would you like to give your credit?
Soma: To my mother and my fans.

E-pao: Any message for the fans.
Soma: My dear fans please live a wonderful live, we are the future, and please don't use drugs and let's make our Manipur a better place.

E-pao: Thank you for your time Soma.
Soma: Thank you.

Soma Laishram

Soma Laishram

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