An Interview with Tonthoi Leishangthem

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Tonthoi Leishangthem

Tonthoi Leishangthem

Leishangthem Tonthoi is a B.Com graduate has taken keen interest in performing art since a very young age. Tonthoi loves sports and has actively been volunteering in social service since her childhood. As a student, she was part of the University's women football team which participated in All India Women Football tournament. She has also been trained in playing the traditional music instrument Pena.

Now, she is pursuing her Masters in Social Works. She has acted in thirteen Manipuri Feature Films and was also given the "Special Mention Award" in the 7th State Film Festival 2000. She plays the role of Yaiphabee in the Manipuri Feature Film Phijigee Mami which was selected for the Indian Panorama 2011.

Since childhood, Tonthoi is a well behaved, disciplined, dedicated and hardworking person. Her hard work and dedication was paid off when she received FAM's Best Actress of the Year Award for 2012 ( See Photo Gallery for this award ceremony here ) . (eRang) presents to all her fans an interview after the award.

Tonthoi Leishangthem

Tonthoi Leishangthem

FAM: Hello Tonthoi, so how do you feel on receiving this award?
Tonthoi: It is from the love of the people, I didn't do much, however knowing that people has recognized me makes me feel very happy. I am also thankful to the FAM.

FAM: When did you come into the film world?
Tonthoi: I came into the film world after winning Bright Film's DAWN 2006.

FAM: What's your view on Celluloid and Digital films?
Tonthoi: Celluloid films are costly as they have to maintain a quality so the number of production in a small state like ours is low. However, Digital films are the source of livelihood for many artists as it is cheap to produce.

FAM: Have you had any Teachers after entering into the film world?
Tonthoi: I took a three month acting class in the early month of 2007 under Oja Niladhaja Khuman.

FAM: How many films have you acted in till now?
Tonthoi: Till now I have acted in 14 feature films, Doordarshan serials, ISTV serials, serials under Oja Shyam and Oja Chaoba. Acting in serials makes me gain more new knowledge. My first film was "Nang na Thawaini" by Chand Heisnam and I had a supporting role in the film.

FAM: Please tell us the names of the films which you have acted in till now?
Tonthoi: Shakhenba Bhoot, Paokhum, Thoicha, Pacha, Thashi Thanou, Nungshibi Kabow Valley, Phijigi Mami are some of the films I have done.

FAM: In Paokhum and Nungshibi Kabow Valley, you played the role of a Kuki woman and Burmese woman respectively and you spoke their languages in the films. Please share your experience on that.
Tonthoi: When I travel I like interacting with the people and learning their language. Learning both Kuki and Burmese language took time. The Burmese were very happy to hear me speaking their language fluently and it made me very happy too.

FAM: Which film are you working with now?
Tonthoi: Amamba Sawon, ABC and Leibaklei.

FAM: In Manipur, many artists have film shooting for two or three films in a day, what about you?
Tonthoi: I normally don't allow myself to take up another film until I finish the one I am shooting, however I do some reshot for earlier films when its necessary.

FAM: How do you choose Films offered to you?
Tonthoi: I read the script of the film before signing the assignment. There were times when I sign without seeing the script. My idea is that the director or producer should always carry the script when they approach an actor.

FAM: So, to whom do you want to give credit for this award?
Tonthoi: To my Parents, Gurus, Directors namely Oja Bishwamitra, Oja Niladhaja Khuman, Pabung Shyam Sharma, O Gautam and Jiten Ningomba.

FAM: Any words for the new artist in the industry?
Tonthoi: To my dear brothers and sisters, we should respect our seniors, our teachers and know their value. And hard working is the only key to success.

FAM: Any advice to the students of Film Academy Manipur?
Tonthoi: FAM is taking up a very big role in the Manipuri Film Industry. Many students from the Academy have become successful actors. I would like to advice the students to be disciplined, hardworking and helpful to each other. I wish FAM would serve the Industry for a long long time.

FAM: Thank You Tonthoi
Tonthoi: I am so happy on receiving this award and I wish everyone who has made our efforts fruitful a very happy and prosperous life.

Tonthoi Leishangthem

Tonthoi Leishangthem

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* Film Academy Manipur (FAM) conducted this interview for the FAM Award 2012. This article was first webcasted on March 21, 2011


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