An interview with Abenao Elangbam in February 2011

Interviewer - IB Yumnam *

An interview with Abenao (read Abenao's eRang profile here) by a Film Academy Manipur (FAM) representative, on the eve of her receiving the Best Actress Award of the 5th RJ Film Vision Special award 2011 (See a Photo gallery of the award function in here ), organized in connection with the 6th foundation day of FAM.


Abenao posing for the Camera

"In order to save the future of Manipuri Film, inner line permit is a must for Manipur" - Abenao

With the superfluous flow of immigrants in the state, the population of migrants in Manipur today is at the possible margin to take over the indigenous population. Amidst this alarming situation, it is our duty to safeguard the priceless forms of arts, culture and traditions which have been passed down for generations by our forefathers.

At the same time, the Government of Manipur must also take up serious initiative to control the present situation. There is also a fear of losing the battle hoisted by Manipuri films in promoting the culture and tradition in the state.

Apart from safeguarding our cultures, Manipuri Films till now has been promoting our culture and traditions. The Film Academy Manipur (FAM) is one among the few bodies that has been working relentlessly to shape artist from the grass root level. FAM has been hosting award ceremonies annually which not only encourage the artist but also keeps the industry active.

This year's Best Actress Award goes to Elangbam Abenao alias Sophie which was done through a public poll. She gives her credits to all the viewers and fans. She is the second child of the four siblings of Elangbam Chaoba and E. (o) Ibembungshi Devi. She has an elder brother and two younger sisters. Even though her parents does not have any government jobs, they are determine to make their children self reliant. She has given her final year's exam at the Adults Education Department and is happily waiting for results. She lives with her parents at Top Khongnangkhong, Imphal East district.

Bala Hijam

Abenao showing the award

FAM: How are you?
Abenao: I am doing good, thanx.

FAM: How do you feel on receiving the award twice consecutively?
Abenao: As a matter of fact, I am much happier this time for the awards has been chosen through public poll. This is really a precious moment and I am overwhelmed with happiness.

FAM: How did you enter into the film world?
Abenao: Since my childhood, I have always had an inclination on Arts. I was given a chance to play a part as a child actor in a play produce by the Peoples' Art and Dramatic Institution, Top Khongnangkhong by my uncle E. Manglem. I was in my second standard then. The introducing of Digital Films in Manipur gave me an ample chance to pursue my career in acting. I debut my acting career in Thiyam Sanjit's film "Chingjaogi Leptaba Thamoi". So far now I have appeared in 40 films and have four more films signed.

FAM: Whom do you want to give your credit for being successful as an actress?
Abenao: I would like to give my credit to director Romi Meitei who has been guiding me in several ways and my parents for everything they have done for me.


Abenao posing for the Camera

FAM: Which was the film that you had your first lead role?
Abenao: I got my first lead role in Gautum's "Naosum".

FAM: What are the necessary things you do when you sign a film contract?
Abenao: Script; as everyone knows scripts are the backbone of a film, I sign my contract after thoroughly going through the script.

FAM: Do you decide your rate according to your professionalism?
Abenao: I am a person who can make adjustments. I am satisfied with whatever the producer offers me. We all know the extent of Manipur Digital film market, so we have to do whatever we can to promote this industry.

FAM: You well know of the current concept of our society towards the artist. What in your opinion would be the ideal criteria for an artist?
Abenao: In my opinion, an artist must be disciplined, sincere and decent and at the same time should have the higher secondary level cleared as a minimum education qualification.

FAM: What is your opinion on the initiative and aim of the FAM?
Abenao: FAM is a professional institute having many professional teachers and gurus. I am optimistic that FAM will achieve its goal in serving the society. It is one of the backbones of Manipuri film Industries in the state. I wish FAM a success in its pivotal initiative in producing prominent film personalities.


Abenao posing for the Camera

FAM: What qualities would you prefer in your life partner?
Abenao: I would prefer a life partner who is loyal, understanding and who respects my feelings.

FAM: Last but not the least. How far do you want to pursue your acting career?
Abenao: I would like to continue career till I have the strength to act and serve my fans. But change as you know are inevitable. Let's say that it's all in God's hand.

FAM: Thank you Abenao. Hope we meet again.
Abenao: Yes, definitely.

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* IB Yumnam took this interview for Manipur Film Academy (FAM) in early February 2011. This interview is originally published in Meiteilon for FAM and later translated in English by e-pao eRang Team. This article was first webcasted on April 05th, 2011


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