An interview with R.K. Hemabati in February 2011

Interview - FAM *

An interview with R.K. Hemabati by a Film Academy Manipur (FAM) representative, on the eve of her receiving the Special award 2010-2011's Best Supporting Actress Award of the 5th RJ Film Vision Special award 2011 (See a Photo gallery of the award function in here ), organized in connection with the 6th foundation day of FAM.

R.K. Hemabati

R.K. Hemabati

"In order to bring development, we need to develop ourselves ... " Hemabati

It can be said that, without the help of the theatre artist, the Manipuri film industry wouldn't have reached the stage it has reached today. However, the contemporary scene is quite different from the early days. There seems to have formed a line between the artists of these two forms of arts. Even if the case is so, there are a few theatre artists which still serve as the pillar to the film industry till now. R.K. Hemabati is one among the favorites.

She is the daughter of late R.K. Sanatomba and Ngangbisija Devi. She was born on the 23rd of December 1954. She is married to Haobam Priyokumar and is the mother of two kids, one daughter and a son. They live in Kangabam leikai, Imphal.

R.K. Hemabati

R.K. Hemabati as an anchor during a Music Program

FAM: How do you feel on receiving the award?

Hemabati: We hardly think about receiving awards in this field because there are a very less awards for us. But, out of a sudden, hearing the news of receiving this award makes me incredibly happy.

FAM: As an actor, which medium did you start with, the film or the theatre?

Hemabati: I first took part in two of J.C. Tongbram's play Sana Yathang and Samajgi Langlen Sahitya organized by local community clubs. After that I acted in Yairipok Thambalnu. However, Khonjel was released before Yairipok Thambalnu so people came to know about me from Khonjel. So, in my point of view, I may have taken part in that two play but film got me established as an actor.

FAM: Why did you enter the theatre world again?

Hemabati: To tell you the truth, I entered the theatre world again because as an Actor I want to gain more knowledge on acting.

FAM: Which play is your first theatrical play?

Hemabati: MDU's production Khamba Thoibi is my first theatrical play.

FAM: Please share to our readers the number of Celluloid films and Digital films you have taken part.

Hemabati: I have acted in 9 celluloid films and in terms of Digital films I can't even count the numbers.

FAM: What was your first Digital film?

Hemabati: Thajabagi Wangmada was my first Digital film.

R.K. Hemabati

R.K. Hemabati receiving the 5th RJ Film Vision Special award 2011

FAM: How do you feel when you changed from Celluloid films to Digital films?

Hemabati: At first, I didn't take any assignments for the Digital films which were offered to me. But, then I thought art is art, so I gave in to acting in the Digital Films.

FAM: We all know you also like writing. How many of your book has been published?

Hemabati: Yes, since childhood I really loved writing short stories and poems. I have already published a collection of 21 short stories called Chekla amadi Khonglembi in the year 2005 and am planning to publish a collection of my poems.

FAM: Have you ever played the role of a minister in your films?

Hemabati: No I haven't got the chance as yet but would definitely love to.

FAM: If you were the Chief Minister of Manipur, which kind of developments would you insist?

Hemabati: If I were the Chief Minister, keeping aside developments, I would try to change the mindset of our people; it is only by changing this that a land can flourish. After this Developments will come by itself.

FAM: What is your message for FAM?

Hemabati: FAM is like a bright shining star. I believe that Film Academy of Manipur will become a successful institute and also wishes a bright future.

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* This interview was done for Manipur Film Academy (FAM) in early February 2011. This interview is originally published in Meiteilon for FAM and later translated in English by e-pao eRang Team. This article was first webcasted on April 27th, 2011


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