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Irengbam Amarjit

Irengbam Amarjit

We have had many proud occasions on the film world with many national awards in hand. This tiny hilly state is full of talented filmmakers and actors who bring fame to the motherland. One among this talented people is Irengbam Amarjit Singh, a resident of Uripok Gopalaji Leirak. A young and talented upcoming film maker from Manipur, Amarjit is the son of I. Raghumani Singh and I. Binodini Devi.

His 30-second commercial production titled 'XXY Energy Drink' has been selected for the coveted International Student Film Festival conducted by Reelshow International, UK. On his happy occasion, shares an interview with this new talented film-maker.

"Film Making is not a carreer for me. It is 'Romance'. I have been in an intense romantic affair wit Film Making from the begining"
- Amarjit

E-pao: Can you please tell us how you applied for this film Fest?
Amarjit: I didn't have the faintest idea of this Film Fest. We did not have time to notice anything else except the shootings. I was not informed that my project has been submitted to this competition. My faculty broke the news only after my project entered the Final.

Irengbam Amarjit

Irengbam Amarjit during the making of "The Call"

E-pao: Can you tell us in brief on the thought-process on this XXY Energy Drink commercial?
Amarjit: This concept came to my mind 5 years back. I like to add twists in my story. As an audience, I use to observe the concept of many commercials, for instance, Horlicks, Bournvita, Boost and other foreign energy drink commercials. It looked quite simple. After drinking, the subject becomes too strong. I felt it too farfetched. Energy drink is not a steroid injection or adrenalin which makes you strong beyond normality. Energy drink restores our energy and enhances our durability.

So, I wrote this script based on reality with a slight touch of comedy [the guy in the counter gets tired of waiting for the thin guy (the main character) to give up]. As for the video, we knew very few about camera and other things since we were fresher. Above that we were not permitted to have a night shot which we needed. We were compelled to finish our shoot in 5 hours. However, we did it anyway.

E-pao: Do you have any other current project/ assignment @ Frame Visuals Academy of Film and Television)?
Amarjit: Yes! I've completed a short film "THE CALL"(thriller/suspense) yesterday. It will be uploaded shortly.

Irengbam Amarjit

Irengbam Amarjit during the making of "The Call"

E-pao: What are your future assignments are you hoping to work in Manipur or abroad?
Amarjit: If I win this competition, they will call me to Sydney (Australia). And, if they offer me a job, I might stay there for a while. But, I have not settled on this idea though. I only know one thing for sure, whatever I do, wherever I go, it will be for India, especially for Manipur.

E-pao: What do you think about the current Film Industry in Manipur?
Amarjit: I think Film Industry in Manipur is picking up on a good pace. I've seen many good animations from Manipur. The only thing lacking is that the government should be paying some attention since our state has few recourses and film making can be a great help to the unemployment problem in our state. Film Industry needs a lot of teamwork and we don't have it. It means we can employ people with a little financial aid from the government.

Irengbam Amarjit - A scene from XXY commercial

A scene from "XXY" commercial

E-pao: What would be your message to aspiring students who wants to get in this film making field?
Amarjit: When you enter the industry, Keep your ears covered, Don't Speak, only yours EYES should be OPEN. Just OBSERVE! Do whatever they say. Film Making is not a job. Don't go for it if it is not your passion.

Irengbam Amarjit is a student of Bangalore-based flash Frame Visuals Academy of Film and Television. He likes watching Hollywood and foreign movies, playing online games, mainly Chess, reading novels, listening to Rock music, and at times a few Hindi songs.

See a full gallery profile on Irengbam Amarjit here.

State lad makes a mark at International film fest
XXY Energy Drink beefs up Amarjit
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, July 13 2011: A 30-second commercial production of a young film-maker from Manipur has been selected as one of the five top finalists in the International Student Film Festival-Hollywood. A student of Bangalore-based flash Frame Visuals Academy of Film and Television, Irengbam Amarjit Singh's project titled 'XXY Energy Drink', is informed to be the lone entry from amongst student film-makers of the country. "I am happy with my short commercial film being incorporated among the top five finalists in the student film festival," said 29-year old Amarjit of Uripok, from Bangalore over phone.

Results of the top two finalists would be announced in October, he said while conveying that his project 'XXY Energy Drink' made it to the finals in the 30-second TV commercial category of the competition conducted by Reelshow International, in the United Kingdom. The film is said to portray a weightlifter not gaining extraordinary strength/energy to lift heavy weights after drinking 'XXY Energy Drink' (fictitious brand name) but never losing the stamina to keep on trying.

"'XXY Energy drink commercial' was an assignment as part of my training in the academy and the concept came to my mind five years back," Amarjit said. Meanwhile, in a letter of appreciation, the academy's founder and director Keerthi Kumar TG said, "He (Amarjit) is a very good visualizer and has story skills in film making. We wish him very best in future" .

Besides bagging the best student award of the academy a few days back, Amarjit conceptualized and designed a logo for Manipur State Cooperative Bank, Imphal with another of his talent being showcased as a logo of a state film company. "If I make the cut for the top two finalists, the awards would be conferred at Sydney", Amarjit, who also studied in Maya Institute of Advanced Cinematics (Maac), said. Amarjit's uncle Irengbam Lokendrojit Singh, a senior engineer here who groomed him quipped, "I'm overwhelmed with the good news of Amarjit.

I know his talents, skills and creativity. I'll make every effort to make him a great filmmaker" . After completing his standard XII academic course, Amarjit switched his mind to the film world, Lokendrojit added. Manipuri film makers have already occupied their space with repute in many international platforms.

Most of them, besides winning various awards in different categories in both national and international completions, have also showcased their products in prestigious festivals.

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* conducted this interview on July 14 2011. This article was first webcasted on July 14, 2011


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