Interview with 'My Japanese Niece' Actor : Junichi Kajioka

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Junichi Kajioka

Junichi Kajioka
Photo Credit: Sapam Baniprakash

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Junichi Kajioka was born in Japan and has acted in TV dramas, video movies, commercial theatre, dance theatre and musicals in Tokyo.

In 1995 he went to China and made his film debut in the award-winning film Devils on the Doorstep (2000), (aka "Guizi lai le"), directed by Wen Jiang while he was studying at the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing, China.

He resides in London and is working in the UK, Japan and China.

Graduated from Tokyo Sushi Academy. Is a qualified sushi chef.

E-pao presents an exclusive interview with the Actor : Junichi Kajioka.

Naorem Mohen, Yu Asada and Junichi

Asada and Junichi
Photo Credit: Lawrence

E-pao: Hi Junichi, it's so nice to meet you.
Junichi: Pleasure meeting you too.

E-pao: Are you visiting India for the first time?
Junichi: Yes it is my first time, it's sad that I cannot visit Manipur.

E-pao: What is your role in the film?
Junichi: I will be playing Yu's uncle, a Japanese soldier who fought in Manipur.

E-pao: Can you tell us something about your role?
Junichi: Let's keep it for the film, but I can tell you that there is Abenao in the film, you can guess the rest. I am looking forward to working with her.

E-pao: Have you acted in other movies as well?
Junichi: Yes of course. A new film called "47 Ronin" starring Keanu Reeves will be released in the year end. Other films include, "The Flower of War" starring Christain Belle, "City of life and Death", "Devils on the Doorstep" etc.

E-pao: Any personal comments on "My Japanese Neice"
Junichi: I haven't read the script yet, however this is going to be a very interesting project. A film of World War II based on a Japanese soldier is rare, and being a part of this rare project makes me feel proud and happy.

E-pao: Thank You and All the Best for the film.

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* This article was first webcasted on January 20, 2013


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