Interview with 'My Japanese Niece' Director : Mohen Naorem

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Mohen Naorem

Mohen Naorem
Photo Credit: Lawrence

Legend Studios: My Japanese Niece
Director: Naorem Mohen
AD: Fanny Fandora (French)
Sheria Vallah (Iran)
Deepsikha Poddav (Bengali)
Robert Megha (Manipuri)
Music Direction: Luna Luna (Japanese)
Camera-man: Elfassy (French) (CNBC, Discussion)
Costume: Japanese USA based
Genre: Drama / War / History

E-pao presents an exclusive interview with the director.

Naorem Mohen, Yu Asada and Junichi

Naorem Mohen, Yu Asada and Junichi
Photo Credit: Lawrence What would be the genre of the forthcoming film?
Mohen : It will be a Drama/War/History. Any other foreign crew apart from Yu?
Mohen: Yes of course. If the niece is a Japanese, the uncle too has to be Japanese right (laughs). Reasons for choosing Yu as lead actor, why not to any other Manipuri actors?
Mohen: Well, we have Abenao playing the Manipuri lady who will pair Junichi Kajioka. About choosing Yu, I wanted the project to be perfect. Are they going to deliver their own dialogues?
Mohen: Yes, yes. The Manipuri dialogues too will be delivered by them. Where will the film be shot and who will do the Costume Designing?
Mohen: Costume will be design by an American based Japanese. The film will be shot at Manipur, Bangkok and Japan. The war scenes will be shot at Bangkok. The Manipur scenes will be shot at Kamray Ching, and Mongjam. When will you start shooting?
Mohen: We will start shooting by the beginning of April. Will there be any songs in the movie?
Mohen: No, but there will be OST release for the movie. Tentative date of release?
Mohen: The film will surely be released on the month of October 2013. Thank you and all the best the movie.
Mohen: Thank you E-pao.

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* This article was first webcasted on January 12, 2013


Who is the Best Actress?

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  • * Binata
  • * Devita
  • * Kamala
  • * Manda
  • * Sonia
  • * Sunila


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