Nurse-turned-actress Anamika's promising journey to silver screen

Wahengbam Rorrkychand *

Pangambam Anamika aka Keke

Pangambam Anamika aka Keke

As part of our special issue, we are bringing you a tete-a-tete with one of the promising wannabe actress, Pangambam Anamika. During a candid chat with Imphal Times journalist, Wahengbam Rorrkychand, the 22-year old nurse-turned actress who unfolded her odyssey from nursing to acting.

Pangambam Anamika aka Keke of Sagolband Moirang Leirak, Imphal West started her acting career with her debut album 'Ngaore Eidi Nangonda' co-acting with her maternal uncle, who composed the song in the year 2010. Apart from acting she is also a dancer.

Encouragingly she put an end to her nursing profession and opted to became an artist regardless of difficulties. Considering the aspiration and determination, her parents allowed her to pursue in film line.

Till today she has featured in 5 (five) video albums and will be seen in some other upcoming including 'Echam Chamna Loinaruba'.

While stressing the responsibilities of being the eldest children in the family, she said looking after two younger sisters - Mona and Achal and managing other household works along with career is not so easy. However, support and parent's hope is really livening; luckily everyone in the family is very supportive.

During the interview she also revealed that professionally, "the beautiful lady Shree Devi", Bollywood actress is her source of inspiration and icon. Like the actress she also wanted to be a prominence and love by her fans in future.

When asked about her plan to work in Manipuri silver screen, she said with confidence, "Yes, I'll. But there is no shortage of talents in the present market of the industry and to get into the industry is not child's play; so I need some time to foster my talent."

She also observed that the market for Manipuri film industry has grown a lot with the advent of digital culture- it is pan Manipur now.

* Do you think that working in the Manipur film industry one can earn his/her livelihood?

-> I think many actors who could be given as example are there in Manipur film industry. It may be hard but I think one can earn if work out really hard.

* Wahengbam Rorrkychand wrote this article for Imphal Times
This article was first webcasted on October 05, 2013


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