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Adhikarimayum Jolly Devi *

Nupee Manbee | Male to Female Transgender Community in Manipur Society

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The contemporary film exhibits many different trends of our society by the use of many outstanding protagonists. The film or any art of acting must be represented with careful unification of time, place and action. The stories must give a social message towards the society.

Nowadays, some of the films seem to neglect such rules. I do not know must about films and theatre but I could see some loose and careless unification of time, place and action. May be, it is because of the screenplay or editing. The audience could see such negligence in the films so we lost the interest to watch the film till the end. The entire staff of film making must co-operate to each other to let their effort recognise and appreciated by the audience.

I watch a movie quite outstanding and entertaining, different from present trends of film stories. We have seen many stories about love, terrorism, poverty etc. But we seem to neglect and ignore about a fact of our society. Earlier, none of the film maker shows about this fact. But S.M Film Production "ANG TAMO" exhibited about this unavoidable reality of our society.

This film shows about the struggle, sorrows and pain about the life of Nupi Shabis. We seem to feel irritated whenever we saw such people. But 'Is it really true to have such attitude towards them?'. I guess, they also expect to receive the affection and recognition from their family and society. They are also a human being, they have the right to live as a citizen of the society. There is enormous number of such NUPI SHABIS in Manipur. Some excel in various field of arts and other profession.

Some seem to lose their track in life and step on wrong path and created many social issue. Parents must give the same affection to them like they give it to their other child. Parents should not hate them for their feminine nature. Whatever punishment they receive for their nature will not make them a man. In fact some of them stood against the norms of the society because they lack proper guidance from their family.

In " ANG TAMO", through the protagonist Thoi(Bishesh), the writer Mr.Pilu reflect the struggle of NUPI SHABIS. In this story, Thoi was the lone son of his father. His father has lot of expectation from him but when he grows up his father's dream were all in vain. He became a gay. Frequent punishment from his father led him to leave his home. He fall in love with Atangba(Kaiku) and lived with him.

As it is against the norms of our society, he couldn't marry with Atangba. According to the wish of his parents, Atangba married with Geeta(Soma),a Sub Inspector. After Atangba's marriage Thoi left the house of Atangba. He realised he couldn't be recognised by the society as a daughter-in-law of a family. He became a social activist and work to show the right path to those NUPI SHABIS, who have been living in an illusion and adopting some bad way.

Acting of Bishesh Huirem in his first film is appreciable. His acting in Manipuri Shumang Lila was good. The acting in stage and film must be different. Some Shumang Lila artist acts in Film like they act at stage. But Bishesh acting in stage and film didn't mixed with each other. Dialogue of Jenny was quite awesome and interesting.

All the actors and actress in this film acts very well. Make up also quite natural compare to other film. I appreciates the theme of the story. It gives a message to all the NUPI SHABIS to live a decent life and must realised their talent so that they can show to all the people that their life is as much worthy like other men and women. All the parents of them must also take their responsibility to make their gay children a good and eminent citizen of the society.

"Ang Tamo" is a very useful and entertaining film ever. There is no loose edition of any scene in the film. I want to felicitate the whole team of S.M. Films for their co-operation with each other in their works. I hope that S.M Film will produce more worthwhile movies in the future.

* Adhikarimayum Jolly Devi wrote this article for e-pao.net
The writer can be contacted at jo_l_ly(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)in
This article was webcasted on November 03, 2012.


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