'Eegi Khongul' : A film Journey to Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

Lokesh Meitei *

Eegi Khongul'

A poster for the film 'Eegi Khongul'

For the first time in the history of Manipur Film Industry, Manipuri Feature Film 'Eegi Khongul' has made an entry in Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad.

Ipak Films Manipur's 6TH Production... Manipuri Film Eegi Khongul have just landed at Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad recently for its various scenes shots, which is considered one of the best Film city in the world. This upcoming Manipuri movie Eegi Khongul has now became the first Manipuri movie having done shooting 60% outside the state of Manipur.

Ipak Films Manipur- is a film production company based at Imphal, the capital of Manipur. Being a company that is driven by perfection, it has produced many movies under Rakesh Naorem, a renowned producer and O.C. Meira, an eminent & experienced Manipuri Film Director.

This company aims in improving the technical and professional standards of Manipuri filmmaking; showing the world what the Manipur-Entertainment Industry is all about. Some of the Manipuri Films produced by Ipak Films Manipur are Shakhenbi Eeteima, Phongdoknadringei and Ngaina Ngaina. And some films which are still in studio processing are Lei-Ee Sigi Wangmada, Thamoida Kiramba Kishi and Eegi Khongul.

Eegi Khongul is a Manipuri feature film highlighting the present scenario in the state of Manipur about Drug smuggling, trafficking and addiction to youngsters, showing the consequences of such crimes that affect the society. It is a story of a person (CBI Officer) whose innocent father (a driver) was killed by some cruel people who are involved in anti-social activities just to cover their criminal activities. It is the story how that person(CBI officer), brought justice, fighting against all the anti- social activities.

Eegi Khongul'

A poster for the film 'Eegi Khongul'

This film includes Romance, suspense, tragedy, emotions and also accompanied with melodious songs like Eigi Pukning Wakhalse & Hing-Ge Khanganu Tonthana ,which will certainly steal the hearts of film/movie/music lovers. A new actor, Shiyam Wangkhem (Anand), a Manipuri resident of Hyderabad, will play a leading role in this movie, he is presently a judge in Indian Body Building & Fitness Federation, and also a former Mr. North East, Mr. Eastern India & Best poser.

Shiyam Wangkhem started from Young Body Builders (YBB), Pishum, Imphal under the guidance of I. Bipin Singh. Such Actor in Manipuri film industry will surely give a prominent place which should be inspiring to many young artists for his hard work and endeavors. Other star actors like Kaiku ( a Manipuri renowned actor) and Soma (leading actress) will feast everyones eyes filled with prominent & outstanding vision.

Eegi Khongul'

A poster for the film 'Eegi Khongul'

Crew members:

Singer: Chitra, Raj Elangbam, Inao,
Cinematography: Boong Konjengbam,
Production Controller: Lokesh Meitei & Khoibi,
Editor: Somorjit Haobam,
Make-Up: Banerji,
Music Director: AR Inao & Rahul,
Co-Producer: Hitler Maibam,
Fight Director: Nabachandra,
Asst. Director: Roshan RJ,
Cast : Kaiku, Shyam (Anand), Soma, Ratan Lai, Venus, Lalitabi, Mema, Geeta, Keke Wahengbam, Monika, L. Nirmabati, Shendrel, Byron, Laynyn, Nabakanta (Stunts) Etc.
Story, Screenplay & Produced by: Rakesh Naorem
Producer of: Shak-henbi eteima; Phongdoknadringei; Ngaina Ngaina; Leiyisigi Wangmada; Thamoida Kiramba Kishi; Eegi Khongul

Directed By: OC Meira
Film Making Experiences:
1) Doc. Film:- Kathokpagi saklon
2) Short Films:- Saageigi Sanarei, Tollabasingi Tollen, Numit Mana Tadringei,
3) Feature Films:- Shak-henbi eteima, Phongdoknadringei, Ngaina Ngaina, Leiyisigi Wangmada, Thamoida Kiramba Kishi, Eegi Khongul & Langthengnaribi.

Eegi Khongul'

A poster for the film 'Eegi Khongul'

And Eegi Khongul is planned to be released by the beginning of January, 2014. With the immense support from Manipuri movie lovers and Manipuri Film Forum, Eegi Khongul team assure you that we will never let people's expectations down in any conditions. Hope this new venture will give us a new beginning and experience to the production team.

See more at https://www.facebook.com/eegikhongul

* Lokesh Meitei wrote this review for e-pao.net
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This article was webcasted on October 20, 2013.


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