Hunphun: An emotional journey

By: Addie Chiphang *

Mizim Film and Audio Production is ready to leap a big stride in the production of Tangkhul films. A new film, Hunphun produced by the company was released yesterday at Ukhrul Town Hall. Along with few professional actors who have appeared in many other Tangkhul films, more than 20 young promising stars could be seen in the new film. Thanrinshok Shingnaisui is playing the male lead role while Theithei Luithui as the female lead actress of the film.

Proprietor of the film company, Shangleihan Ernest Shimrah is a learned professional, who possesses an Advanced Diploma in Media Studies specialized in Film Production from Wigand and Leigh, a UK based firm in Mumbai. In his key note address in the premiere show, Ernest said that it is a crucial time to expose and retain the identity and culture of Tangkhuls to the world through film production.

Click above to watch an Ooba video on making of "Hunphun"

A single picture worth more than a billion words, so among the various ways of exposure, film production plus media play a vital role, he added. Actor Shoky Shingnaisui, though young has unleashed his potential by appearing in many past films.

For Luithui, this will be her maiden appearance, but her ambition of being a singer and actor was no doubt fulfilled with this film. Knowing the potential and positive attitude towards the production, Ernest is dreaming to step into national and international levels in coming days.

His film Hunphun is an emotional journey of a Tangkhul Japanese lady who came back to her mother's birth place after the death of her boyfriend and met a young Tangkhul gentleman. The film is the journey of Jessica (Theithei) evolving a strong essence of cultural upliftments and cross cultural journey.

The releasing function was also taken part by the proprietor of KANGLA FILM, Mr. Prem and Senior Director Mr. Kishor Kumar of the north east film award winner Nungshi Hekta Hairagey , Chaoba Thiyam of Manipuri film industry.

* Addie Chiphang wrote this review for The Sangai Express
This article was webcasted on August 05th, 2008


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