Premiere of 'Imagi Laman Singandre' at Bangalore

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The Manipuri film industry faces a lot of challenges. The major one being - a very small audience. Because of this, some producers are reluctant to invest the amount required to make a 'good' film. The directors are forced to work with very limited budget and don't have the bandwidth to experiment with new ideas.

They, unwillingly, end up compromising on some aspect of film-making. As a matter of fact, Romi Meitei an acclaimed director has been cooking up a huge project(about the ill effects of Loktak drying up) for the last 3-4 years, but haven't been able to convert it into a movie because of budget constraint.

Inspite of these challenges, Manipuri films has been able to carve out an identity very different from that of the mainstream bollywood movies. To continue growing, the Manipuri film industry needs to expand the market for Manipuri films. A possible addition to the audience could be the 'Manipuris living outside Manipur'.

Imagi Laman Singandre

A poster for 'Imagi Laman Singandre'

Currently, Manipur diaspora watches Manipuri movies through CDs/DVDs(mostly pirated), Youtube, et al. They don't get to watch the movies in a theatre, so, the big-screen experience is missing. Also, the producers doesn't earn much from this, the film makers don't get the credit they truely deserve. Yet, some producers, for the love of Manipuri films, continue to invest in the films, risk their hard earned money and reputation and have taken upon themselves to keep the industry from dying.

Manipur Talks( - an online discussion forum which urges Manipuris to come forward and discuss/talk about any topic/issues related to Manipur), in an attempt to address the situation, and hopefully bring about a positive change approached film director Romi Meitei with the idea of screening one of his film in Bangalore.

Imagi Laman Singandre

Romi Meitei speaking at the premiere of 'Imagi Laman Singandre'

Romi Meitei not only appreciated the idea, but also offered to help in putting the event together. And, Manipur Talks organised a not-for-profit event with Mayum Networks(A film editing lab aiming to take Manipur film industry to new heights) as the media associate.

'Imagi Laman Singandre' of Awang Koubru Movies was shown to a packed audience on Sunday, 17th Oct 2010 at St John's Auditorium, in Koramangala, Bangalore. The movie showed how an entire generation, the youths, the future pillars of Manipur were being held hostage by drugs. Most of the audience could relate with the story, the message was loud and clear - Say no to drugs.

Imagi Laman Singandre

A section of the crowd at the premiere of 'Imagi Laman Singandre'

The event was a success. Huge turnout, almost all of them enjoyed the event and was captivated by the movie. They appreciated the organisers for putting the event together. The feedback/response from the audience proved that there is indeed a market for Manipuri movies outside Manipur.

This is the first time a Manipuri Feature Film was premiered outside Manipur, on a big screen.

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