Kaiku and Gokul shine in Manipuri Film

Review by Kabrabam Ranjitkumar Singh *

Why Cinegoers select and prefer Kaiku as their best and favourite Actor followed by Gokul of Manipuri Films in many and most of the "Film News up date" Episodes?

It is only because they like Kaiku and Gokul by dint of their Dynamic performances in the Films. People's voice is the voice of God. It is my wish to make review on the whole story of a particular Film, but my desire and intention is to study the personalities and charactors which have been performed by the respective Actors and Actreses in the Films.

Kaiku and Gokul are found champion in their respective field of Films. It is not out of place to give comment on Kaiku and Gokul as they are regarded by the people in the manner of Salient and conspicuous in the films at the moment. However, it is very unfortunate for the both super stars as they are not working in the Big Budget Films, to enable them to exhibit their more talents in their field of performances.



I saw "Ta Tomba The Great," a Manipuri digital film in my television at home, and Kaiku is playing the role of Ta Tomba. This film has left an indelible impression in my mind. The protagonist of the film is Kaiku. His performances is perky and beyond comparison. He acted the role of gristle man with an innocent mind. He acted according to the desire of the people, which is pleasing to see. His performances are very natural with frisky and frolic.

And it is a rare gift and gives us an impression that the events in this film are all real. The role given to him is very challenging. However, he is a gifted actor with inborn qualities and as such he jumps the hurdles. He is bound to excel more in future films. He is able to perform with ease all romantics, tragic and comics roles.

It is not gainsaying to comment that Kaiku is extremely good as an actor of Manipuri films. RK Sanajaoba Legendary and famous actor played the role of a man in the film suffering from paralysis. He has a soft corner for Kaiku in the film who is gristle and pitiable.

RK Sanajaoba met Kaiku and the way he performed and the exchange of thoughts without words with Kaiku and movement of his body is very lively. Every body shed tears in this scene. Had this scene been performed by inexperience actors in place of Kaiku and RK Sanajaoba it could have turned to be awkward.

Gokul is quite revers to Kaiku in the matter relating to the fashion of performances and acting in the films. Gokul is an angry man, atrocious, heroic, impressive and genious actor and his performance are lively.



He is an all rounder actor of today. His dialogue and acting is not inferior to the Bollywood supper stars Pran, Prem Chopra, Danny Dengzonpa. If Gokul is given to a big Role in a big budget Film, he will outclass the above Big 3 stars of Bollywood.

His performances in the Film "Tayai" is wonderful and shakes the entire Manipur. He steals the whole show.

To add more, he has played a serious role in Tayai film, and we do not have any words to appreciate him more. He can act both the role of Villain and Romantic in the Manipuri films respectively with great artistic fashion and talent.

It is long cherished and aspiration of the peoples of Manipur and watching the films in genuine hope that Manipuri films Companies, Producers, Directors, involved in this field of Cinema will be able to introduce new faces to become best actors and actresses of Manipuri films. It will help for the development and promotion of Manipuri Films.

* Kabrabam Ranjitkumar Singh wrote this review for The Sangai Express.
This was webcasted on August 17, 2010 .


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