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With a story to tell and a lesson to impart, films play a great role in building up and binding together a society filled with love and human compassion. Today, films have not only explored the bond of compassion between humans living in this world, but also that between living beings in different planetary worlds.

While science fiction is yet to come to Manipur filmworld, it is apparent from the numerous digital and celluloid films that have made its mark in the Manipur filmworld, that love and human compassion is the common bond that threads through all these films.

A scene Magidamamkni

A scene "Magidamamkni"

Films not only provides entertainment but it also educate, informs and communicates. Therefore, films have a close relation to our lives. However producing a film requires money, time and creative thought. Many film producers have also left the business and opted for another profession.

Without going into the various probable reasons for this, let us also acknowledge that there are also numerous new producers entering into the hallowed circle. One among these new age producers is Kh Raghumani of "Ibeni Films Production."

Presently based in New Delhi, Kh Raghumani entered the film world firmly convinced that this would be a major means of introducing his language, culture and lifestyle to people outside the state. His first production Magidamakni, the digital video feature film premiered on December 9 last at Hapta Kangjiebung, Konung Lampak.

The film is centered around the life of Nongyai (played by versatile actor Olen) who lost his wife recently, Through the depiction of his life, the film attempts to portray the social life as well as the armed conflict situation in the state, especially the role played unidentified armed gunmen who deals in extortion and ransom under the veil of the armed conflict.

A scene Magidamamkni

A scene "Magidamamkni"

Nongyai had shifted from Cachar to stay in a rented house in Manipur. He works as the director in-charge of an office. His was a harmonious family with his wife and mute son.

One day, the intoxicated son of the landlord masks himself and come to their room to demand money during Nongyai's absence. Nongyai's wife pulls at his mask and to protect his identity, the landlord's son stabs her and she dies. What follows is the trial and tribulations of Nongyai as a single father. When his son grows a bit, he is sent to boarding school.

One of the staff at Nongyai's office Nganthoi (Ranita) hears the story and is filled with love for the young kid. She impersonates as Shanti, a staff of an NGO working for women and Child Welfare, and manages to get Nongyai's permission over the phone, to meet his son at the boarding school.

She meets Nongyai's son, and the two hits it off from the very beginning. The little boy even begins to believe that she is his mother. On the other hand, this bond starts to encompass Nongyai too as he develops a kindred feeling with Shanti (Nganthoi) over the phone.

Meanwhile, Shanti (Nganthooi)'s changing moods and demeanors makes her fiancee Pari (Arun) suspicious of her love for him. One day, he sees Nganthoi and Nongyai travelling together in a vehicle towards secretariat. He stops the vehicle and angry words are exchanged. The web of distrust and suspicion closes in rapidly, resulting in Nganthoi's and Arun's marriage being solemnised hurriedly.

Meanwhile, Nongyai is shot at and injured in relation with some monetary demands on his office. In the final scene, Nganthoi and Pari comes to the hospital where Nongyai is being treated and all the misunderstanding is resolved. Nongyai thanks Nganthoi for giving motherly love to his son, if only for a short while.

The film is directed by Ngangom Tejkumar. In the cast are Olen,
Sonia (baby),
Sonia and

The story and screenplay is by Ranjit Ningthouja, and cinematography by Irom Maipak

* NaNi reviews this film in Hueiyen News Service.
This article was webcasted on January 10, 2009.


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