Mamado Leisabido Angaobido still haunts you

Ramesh Laishram *

Mamado Leisabido Angaobido

A scene from Mamado Leisabido Angaobido

Its really rare that I m surprised by a manipuri film in recent times. But this one just took me by surprise. "Mamado Leisabido Angaobido" is one of those film which even after you have finished watching haunts you. You wonder does this kind of things really happen in life. Maybe! But you are not sure. M still wondering.

Entertainment wise it is excellent. Acting is exceptionally good. Direction is well crafted. Editing is just right and the songs are just melodious. The picute quality was so good that you could witness the facial expressions of the actors very well. The right kind of ingredients which makes a very meaningful yet engrossing movie of recent times.

Kamala does a decent job to justify the cause in the movie and should be appreciated for her efforts. Gokul as always is the dependable self. The supporting cast which includes Seema as Kamala's mother is also good, the child artist especially those who played Kamala's step brothers were cute in a really irritating kind of way.

The family problems which is the main plot in the movie provides a meaningful watch as we come across those problems in our daily life in our localities. Somehow or other we have all witnessed it and its good to see such thrival but meaningful problems on the big screen.

Mamado Leisabido Angaobido

A scene from Mamado Leisabido Angaobido

Story wise the film carry forward the hardships the protagonist of the movie Sushila aka Kamala has to face when her mother elopes with another guy. Left with her grandma, at the laters maternal home where she is neglected and cursed upon despite all her efforts.

Then she moves in with her father where her step mother tortures her with her ill treatment and hostile words. Despite of all this she is determined to study and make all efforts to continue her studies and excel in what she does.

After the death of her father, she could not bear the torture of her step mother and moves in with her mother where again her step father is a drunkered and ill treats her mother. Having seen all the inhuman acts and difficulties of life in such a young age she gets lost in her thoughts. And in this behaviour of hers people find her as mad and start treating her as a mad person.

In the mean time there is the betrayed lover and Gokul as the Psychiatrist which helps her recover an appreciate life again. These more or less sums up the whole story but you should really watch the movies to truely enjoy the twist and turns.

The undertone of love between the two lead pair is well acted and could feel the emotion. This is how much our actors have matured in recent times. The scene where Kamala spits on Gokul and taunts him for being a doctor is well captured on camera and one can still feel the disgust. Such small yet meaningfull moments fills the movie, which makes up for all the lapses.

But as always one of the most devastating point for this movie is the tragic ending of the movie. One wonder, was it really necessary?

I would love to differ in opinion, it could have been a lived happily ever after kind of ending which would have been more pleasing. But as always following the recent trends of tragic ending in manipuri movies this one is no different. It seems the ending was forced and not the logical outcome of all the preceeding acts.

Mamado Leisabido Angaobido

A scene from Mamado Leisabido Angaobido

* Ramesh Laishram, a Geologist at the Geological Survey of India, Chandigarh provided this review to eRang.
He can be contacted at rames(dot)laishram(at)gmail(dot)com
This article was webcasted on February 26, 2012.


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