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A scene from Khonjel

A scene from Khonjel

Words fails to express how much we feel happy at the announcement made by the Hon'ble Shri Okram Ibobi Singh, Chief Minister, Manipur to constitute Manipur Film Policy at a conference organised by MFDC. It is a boon to the film, Producers and Film Companies of Manipur. And as such the Govt. will be extending funds in the form of Grant, Subsidies and other required innovative equipments will also be provided. Further, even the Govt. may construct film studios in Manipur.

R.K. Bidur a well known film critic of Manipuri films has written a wonderful appreciation towards the performances of the very famous film actress of Bengal, Suchitrasen in the Manipuri daily Local paper Poknapham on 19th February, 2014. It is very interesting to read the article. This will be an ideal lesson to the promising young film stars of Manipur Films.

Further, mention may be made some of the Super Star of the those days we may appreciate Suchitrasen, Utam Kumar from Bengal, Sivaji Ganeshan, Padmini form South, Romesh De, Simi from Gujarat, Dilip Kumar, Meena Kumari from Bombay (Mumbai).

Mr. Yusufkhan, properly known as Dilipkumar, and his new name was entitled by Devika Rani a Film Producer of Bombay Films, while she was producing the films Jwarbhata. In this film Dilipkumar was playing a supporting role and it is his first film. He is a Pathan from Peswar. Latter part of his film career he is to play the role of Devdas in the Devadas film, a Bengali Novel. He had shown what is perfection in the film of Devdas. Suchitrasen, Vijayentimala were playing in the role of Parbati and Chandramukhi respectively in the film. Words had it that Dilipkumar had to stay at a remote village of Bengal to understand their Bengali culture and the way of life for the portrayal of the character role of Devdas about two months. He is very serious in films in every respects, and not like other film actors of India. And he is very peculiar in his personalities in films. His peculiar personalities will be an ideal to the promising film stars of Manipur films. Dilipkumar was awarded as the best Actor of the Devdas Film by dint of his outstanding performances, and awarded six times as the best actor of the Ailm Fare Award Festival. Further he was awarded Dada Shaheb Palke Award, the greatest Award of the Film Industry of India. Dilipkumar has worked with the greatest Super Film Star Amitabh Bachan in the Film Shakti.

He played the role of Amitabh Bachan's father in the film Shakti. He is playing a supporting role in Shakti Film. However Amitabh Bachan was the main Hero of the Film. Dilipkumar was wonderfully performed his role and this Legendary Actor was awarded as the best Actor Award of the Film of Shakti, at Film Fair Award Festival. When asked to Amitabh Bachan about his performance in Shakti Film, and his remarked was full of ethics and culture that Dilipkumar is the God of the Film Industry of India. He is deserved to receive this award. But I am very happy to work with such a wonderful actor of India. One Englishman, a film producer of Warner Bross offer to Dilipkumar to play the main role in his film, but he suggested to the Englishman, producer that this role will be best suited to Amar Sharif, the Great Film Star of Hollywood. He was denying the role given to him in the proposed film. Dilipkumar is very calculative and a true lover of arts and culture.

Latter part of Dilipkumar Career, he became as a member of Parliament (M.P.) Rajya Sabha. So, we look forward Manipur Film Actors and Actress may jump the hurdles of trouble for shining in the films. Gokul the angry man was playing villain role. It is saying that this role is best suited for him and many people satisfied with this role. It is saying that he can do better performance than Amzad Khan who played the role of Gabhar, the Daku in Shole Film. Gokul may have a chance for the Bollywood if he is invited for the role of Vellain. But God knows he jumps to Romantic Role. We are having two popular Super Star of Manpur, they are Kaiku and Gokul. Producing of many good films Star will not in a jerk.

However, Manipur Digital Film has a very tiny market with a limited screening scheduled at the moment for want of good films distributors and as such will return financial hazards in our film Industry. The importance of film is to have an impact on our modern life. We are seeing generally in good films which focus the value of life and elaborating the conditions of social changes and development, peace, love, music and entertainment and also a part of life. Here in Manipur, pocket type of films are producing with very small amount, budget as we are having many Directors, Producers, Actors and Actress in every Leikais. This motto will not lead our film as a income generating films. We know, good films gives us the value of life and the saddest tales of many human hearts.

Here in Manipur we are to travel much more in this field to produce good films. Therefore, we are to produce good films with good budget by capturing good market. This is the true business of the Film Industry. So, Manipur films should pave the way for good market as it is totally concerned with the Industry and Business. However, we are producing neglecting all these factors. 37 years old Manipur Cinema come of age. So, we should look forward Manipur Film Policy which will do something better business of Film Industry in Manipur. First of all we are to search good film distributors of Manipuri Film from outside Manipur. Because he is taking a good role for the business of film Industry Business. Manipur has 9 Districts out of which 5 districts are properly releasing and seeing Manipur Digital films. We are having very tiny Market within our State. It is necessary to extend our film business outside Manipur.

Therefore, today when we look at the scenario of our Manipur Films, we feel a lot has to be done for economically development and to promote produce and specially for market of our products as it is concerning with Industries and Business. There is very limited places for screening of Manipur Films outside Manipur. This it is the reason why we have a limited sources. During my younger days in the year 1958, I was at Bombay (Mumbai) and with one of my Gujarati friend. We went to see film shooting at Shree Sound Film Studio, the oldest film studio near Dadar. We were seeing film shooting and I was quite surprised and impressed as to how such a big and huge film industry was run son efficiently and smoothly.

It was a Gujarati Film and leading Hero was Romesh De and heroin is Simi. They were the most popular hero and heroin of Gujarati Films. The question is that the people do not like to see very poor quality type of films. So many producers in Manipur who are producing films are very low and ready make films. Hence, usually they fails to recover even the investment being incurred in the film making. Therefore what is the meaning of Film Industry. This is the major factors for declying of Films in Manipur. We are compelled to produce good films for enabling to cope with the proliferation, economical and social changes, and given job to the Artites of Films.

Films are seen to have an impact in our moral life. We shall try for improvement films so that our films may have a wide market for profit. This effort will help and will go a long way in wiping tears and set a smile on the face of the film Producers, Directors, Actors and Actress and all the film crew. We know Film Industry is a very big Industry of the World, hence, the film companies of Manipur will become a sort of epi centre for producing good films. We are to see whether the films which are producing in Manipur as per the expectation of the people. Films will give the value of life to meet to part of love and saddest tales of many human hearts.

So, people are waiting to see whether good films are produced in Manipur as per the expectation of the people, and responding a good market of profit.

* Kabrambam Ranjitkumar wrote this article for The Sangai Express
This article was webcasted on March 06, 2014.


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