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Reception for MC Mary Kom by Kom Rem Union Manipur at Imphal :: 30 September 2010

Reception for MC Mary Kom by Kom Rem Union Manipur in Sep 2010
Picture Credit :: Daniel Chabungbam

Life, in this modern world, in one way, is all about entertainment and amusement the world of films. Films are generally entertaining in nature, but few films are thrilling as well, and thus creates excitement-drawing away all attentions while on the watch. It was Mary Kom film, which a friend of mine bought from one of the CD/DVD parlour in IT Road, Kangpokpi bazaar that really was thrilling and lovely throughout the play. It is the much awaited Film in which the role of MC MARY KOM was played by an acclaimed actress; and directed by Omung Kumar, that has finally been released and has reached the eyes of everyone that watched. The film would be liked by everyone especially the people of Manipur, because, the film depicts not only the life story MC Mary Kom, but also about how Manipur was looked upon and treated by Indian Boxing Federation officials; and how Mary was exhorted very lowly by the government of Manipur. The film is thrilling because the success of Mary Kom starts with a very humble beginning-amidst many odds and constraints-such as, financial difficulties, family opposition and many more.

The film begins with how Mary and her husband, Onlal were caught hold in a dark night of certain strick/bandh in which Mary was reeling with pain of pregnancy for which Onlal was found helpless under the overflowing force of police personnels. However, with the police assistance, Mary could be evacuated to a hospital on time. This incident took place 2007 after Mary had won world boxing championship three times. The scene, then passes on to the childhood life of Mary Kom in which she was sadden undisappointingly by her father because of her interest in boxing which the father did not like. As such she did not receive any financial and moral support from the father that led her to one of the foreign like open boxings where she defeated the big giant male fighter and earn Rs 300/- by virtueof her ability to fight back the giant's fight up to the time limit of more than 15 second which the opponent giant fighter promises to be paid; but Mary could fight about 45 sec; and where also she met Onlal, her glowing husband. Her real boxing career began at a boxing academy which she accidentally ran chase a lad foe fighter into it where where she starts her boxing career with much patience and trail of waiting with indomitable zeal and will to undergo boxing and succeed in it. As time and training under the guidance of the coach roles on, Mary continued to be successful and becomes a five times world boxing champion from the land of much looked down and neglected tiny land of Manipur.

One of the interesting phenomenal impacts, having a far reaching effect, in the life of sportstar Mante Chungneijang Kom is-the changing of her name into MCMary Kom at the training academy on the selection list by her coach for her debut appearance in the ring at national level Women state Open Boxing Championship in Calcutta 2000; and where also she got champion medal. She came on successful in almost every appearance-1st Women's National Championship in 2001(Chennai), 2nd Senior Women's Narional Championship in 2001(New Delhi), World Boxing Championship in 2002(Turkey) in which she got world champion for the first time; 4th Women's Amateur World Boxing Championship in 2006(Delhi) and finally a clash with Sasha of Germany in the final of world championship in China(2008).

The film reveals some of the very thrilling and heart rendering incidents that took place in the life of MC Mary Kom. In one of the world championships in 2002 (Turkey), while Mary was in the ring, her unsupporting father at last gave a big applaud "chungneijang, thomjillu" a slogan in favour of her daughter, Mary with full of supporting and regretting tears; and then tears of joy on her winning the match. On her triumphant return and congratulation function at home for the same, the apology of her father and the calling of her name as ' Mary' which he strongly opposed was really heart moving and tears generating sight. Secondly, when she was about to play the game with World No. 1, Sasha of Germany, the prayer she made with knelling at the corner end of the ring-displaying her God fearing attitudes and discipline life, was deeply heart pierching.

Thirdly, her timely decision for marriage on the one, and her coach resentment with her decision on the other that sadly abruptly breaks her boxing career despite her love for the game-throwing herself into a inevitably crucial juncture makes the film really lovely and eye catching. Fourthly, during her pregnancy, the state of craving for the game and the missing of sports spirit that makes her to sleeplessness a night in which she woke up and walked in a room where she took hold of her medals and where she longingly asked her husband to take a photograph, was also very heart rendering and pitiful. Fifthly, the training she undertook along with her twin sons and the full time support given by her husband in course of her training was very much congenial to a couple lives, and is also very attractive in the story.

Lastly, Mary Kom deep love for her twin children gives the film a tenderly mothered story because of which she nearly loss the final match in one of the world boxing played with German Sasha was much more thrilling, heart throbbing and tears engendering.

On the other hand, the film highlights some of the very discouraging, disuniting and unsupporting phenomenon in the boxing life of MC Mary Kom-in the first place, despite her ardent desire and interest in boxing, the unsupporting attitudes and constant opposition from the family members, especially, her father; in the second place, the boxing trainer making her wait till evening everyday without telling her anything and letting her go back empty handed in the evening-that happens for about three days; in the third place, the officials of Indian Boxing Federation's unsupportive and partial attitudes towards Mary and looking down upon her for being the player from Manipur which is most shocking and unwantedly disheartening; besides, the inhuman attitudes of Indian Sports Officials just at the start of Mary Kom's final match with Sasha of Germany in China(2008) is also very very disappointingly discouraging; in the fourth place, government of Manipur offering her a havildar post, the last stage officer in Uniform service after having been world champion three times, and lastly, her husband's untimely information about the son's operation at Gorgaon hospital when the final match was just about to begin is the most strikingly unpleasant news-a big mistake committed by Onlal, her husband, that nearly let her lost the match.

Watching the film MARY KOM, is indeed very interesting and lesson giving. The film will be liked by everyone, especially the people of Manipur, because it is not only a film about a woman but also about Manipur, and how Manipur players are treated outside the state. In one of the match played between Haryana's Preety, one could also come to know the unfair decision taken by the panel of the judges. Knowing that, Mary, after the play, lambasted the judges-asking if she was looked down upon because she belongs to Manipur. What she further said -"mai Indian hu (I am an Indian)" and the throw of an object at the judges, for which she was asked for apology and which she promptly did the same under her husband's strong pressure, is very inspiring and heart rousing. The film right from the start is interesting and thrilling because one could see the indomitable will of M.C.Mary Kom to succeed in boxing since her childhood. Her love for boxing and perseverance have overridden every savage attitudes, odd criticisms and improper treatment from the sports officials. So, Mary continues to go without losing heart and become exceedingly successful.

One could also be impressive in seeing Mary that even after having been victorious with great height and receiving many sports awards from the government of India, she does not loss her womanhood and does not show any sign of pride. She is found still being on service to the family and friends with meekness and submission. She still cooks and does all kinds of household manual works. She is very much self-effacing and polite in her treatment to everyone including guests. Another remarkable one was husband-wife cooperative style of harmonious living. Mary shows her love and respect for her husband; and gives him support in his interest in football the same way she receives his(husband's) supports. We could learn that the success of Mary, especially, after marriage was significantly contributed by her husband, Onlal. In every sphere of family life from child caring to caring and supporting Mary, Onlal lets Mary to another world champion after marriage. This teaches us a lesson-there is nothing too late; and success comes with the coordinated team work of a loving and united couple.

Mary truly loves boxing. Boxing is her life. How lovely it was when she missed boxing during her pregnancy. At such juncture, her loving and caring husband, who remains the source of comfort, is always beside her. Her unflinching love for boxing could be seen on her practice along with babies caring. This shows that nothing could block or hinder one's will power to succeed. The life picture of MC Mary Kom starts with full of difficulties, continues with many hurdles and ends up with a cravingly tragedic victory for which the crowd gave her a standing ovation, followed by the most melodiously flowing Indian National Anthem in the last scene. The film reveals so many secrets that went together with Mary's life. It also brings good name to the incredible Manipur in the field of games and sports. At last, the conclusion that is reached within the thought is the possibility of the coming up of the film, "MARY KOM" would have been the purpose of God that has already been set long before which we only come to know when it comes to reality. Every scene in the film is lovely, entertaining and lesson imparting. Thanks to MC.MARY KOM for having and leading a life that could be acted in a film full of thrilling and lesson generating episodes. Long live MANTE CHUNGNEIJANG MARY KOM, the magnificent boxing legend from Manipur.

* Manglal Chongloi wrote this article for The Sangai Express
This article was webcasted on September 20, 2014.


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