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Miss World / Bollywood Superstar Priyanka Chopra visits Mary Kom at her Langol quarter :: 15 July 2013

Miss World / Bollywood Superstar Priyanka Chopra visits Mary Kom at her Langol quarter on 15 July 2013
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First, my confession "I am not a film critic" though frankly I didn't go to a Cinema Hall to watch the movie 'Mary Kom'. I was very much excited and wanted to watch the film.

There were lot of criticism about it on the social media. On the very second day of its release on 6th September 2014 in the late evening while I was sitting in my office doing my duty one of my colleague mentioned about the film during a free time conversation , and I just found a post on my Facebook account by one of my junior that it was amazing and encouraging.

I had a negative perception of the film earlier -influence by hear-say messages by few peoples - but the moment I started to watch the movie of its first clip, I was stunned, amazed and speechless and there is a clash with my earlier perception.

The film was very nice, it reflects how the whole team had worked hard - we can see in the very first 10 minutes of the film. There was a fight and verbal exchange with Priyanka Chopra 'Mary' in the scene with a local boy called "Mangi" and this word has impressed me how truly Priyanka pronounce his name - which shows how hard Priyanka worked for the movie.

As the movie keep on playing I found Mr. Bansali was well aware about the fact that hindi movies are banned in Manipur. He knows the sentiment of the majority population of the state, tried to touch the heart of the people, seeking a place for his venture.

He used many Manipuri words in the dialogue ( Meeteilon , even though Mary's mother tounge is not Meeteilon). It is very unfortunate for Mr. Bansali that his film couldn't be screened in Manipur which is home state of the lady whose life history he was trying to portray.

During the conversation the word 'Ima' is permanently used by Priyanka Chopra 'Mary', and used words like khangde, Iromba, Ngaikho. It was indeed a very exciting moment while Mary's father shouted "Thomjallo" while watching a bout of Mary.

He was against Mary for playing Boxing but a father is a father - Can never see defeat of his daughter - he couldn't bear any longer to watch his daughter being punched by her rivals - It was a touching scene. He shouted repeatedly "Thomjallo -Thomjallo" Mary.

In the film there is a scene when a fighter man was challenging to the shouting, where is your Manipuri heroes .. come and fight with me - it was betting match where none of boys dare to come out but Mary came out and challenged - though she was beaten by the man -it tried to show the spirit of a true manipuri woman who cannot stand silently while their brothers, sons, husband and father were challenged by anybody - they always stood up to fight to save their pride of being Manipuri.

The film also try to highlight the current unrest in the Manipuri society - One day Mary was sick and was brought to hospital on a vehicle there was bandh and security personals were checking all the vehicles -including the one which a patient was brought - Mary shouted from inside the vehicle lying on the seat of the car -bearing the pain - fast come on -Do whatever you people have to do - if you people want to shoot -shoot fast don't delay me.

After winning 3rd time World Boxing Champioship, She was offered a job for the post of Havaldar and she rejected it - a bit attempt to highlight the apathy-corrupt system. More words like 'khannuda, thagatchari, and a very natural dialogue between a husband and wife in Manipuri Language "Kadai leige, Lakee lakee etc were used very suitably in a very natural way I don't feel that Bansali was trying to superimpose the words to the film.

There was a part where the rotten Indian sports bodies affairs were trying to highlight to the people, showing indifference -( I would avoid the word discrimination ) for Mary's different look.

Her dialogue we fight with a chai and laphoi ( banana) was fantastic. She was humiliated but she stands against all the odds-her love towards the sports was clicked.

Moreover in this film her husband called her lovely as " Thoi"

Rest part I would say - A MUST WATCH FILM -----

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