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'Imagi Ningthem' - Manipuri Movie ; Rashi Devi  and Jamani   in Imagi Ningthem :: eRang Classic

Rashi Devi and Jamani in'Imagi Ningthem' - Manipuri Movie :: eRang Classic

o 1936: first documentary film 'Hiyang Tannaba' was made by MK Priyobrata

o 1946: 1st film company 'Shree Shree Govindaji Film Company' established and made Manipur's 1st full-fledged feature film 'Mainu Pemcha' in Hindi dialect directed by Bengali Film maker Rathin Sen.

o 1957 - 1962: Series of social documentary films - Ningthemcha Ahum (I960), Eechel (1961), Imphal Diary, Cultural Heritage & Mongpham (1962) were made in 16mm by Late K Ibohal Sharma the pioneer of Manipuri documentary film.

o 1972: also known as the Golden Era of Manipuri film marked with the release of 1st National Award winning Manipuri film - Matamgi Manipur produced by Karam Manimohan, which also happens to be the 1st CBFC certified feature film along with the 1st Manipuri documentary 'Maipak - the Son of Manipur' in the 35mm format. In the same year, the release of 'Brojendrogi Luhongba' directed SN Chand ascertained the self-sustaining capacity of Manipuri film making

o 1974: Lamja Parshuram directed by Aribam Syam Sharma became the first local made film to overtake the mainstream Bollywood super hit of the year 'Bobby' at the Manipur Box Office

o 1979: 'Olangthagi Wangmadasu' directed by Aribam Syam, became the greatest ever box office hit even surpassing bollywood's greatest hit 'Sholay' the record still remains. The film also won the year's Best Indian Regional film in the 27th National Award.

o 1981: Imagee Ningthem created a milestone of Indian Cinema by becoming the 1st Indian film to be awarded the Grand Prix of the prestigious Nantes Film festival 81' (France) along with the Best Regional film at the 29th National Film Award.

o 1990: Ishanou directed by Aribam Syam Sharma made it to the UN CERTAIN REGARD of the Cannes International Film Festival, France (1991) among a host of international awards and accolades - becoming one of India's most internationally acclaimed films

o Since 1981, Manipuri films have been regularly bagging the National Awards and establishing its prominence in Indian Cinema as a whole. Some of the most acclaimed films of the 80s and 90s include Sanakeithel (1984) directed by MA Singh, Mayopheegee Macha(1994) directed by Oken Amakcham, Chatledo Eidi(2000) directed by Makhonmani Mongsaba.

o 2008: Manipur bagged 2 Swarna Kamal in different categories. Film critic R K Bidur won the Swarna Kamal for the Best Film Critic of India at the 56th National Film Award with Haobam Paban Kumar and Sunzu Bachaspatimayum won the Swarna Kamal for the Best Non-Feature film.

o Documentary film maker Sunzu Bachaspatimayum (AFSPA, Shingnaba & Heart to Heart) achieved a rare feat in the Indian documentary film making by collecting 4 trophies including the best English narration at the 56th National Film Awards, His film Heart to Heart (2010) went on to win the Best Documentary in the Science & Technology category of the 58th National Awards.

o 2011: Manipuri Actress Thonthoi Devi, became the only actress from the region to win the Best Supporting actress at the 62nd National Awards 2012 for her role in Phijigee Mani (2011) by O Gautam. The Best Actress went to Bidyabalan in 'Dirty Pictures'

o Manipuri documentary films have also been regularly bagging national and international awards and other accolades. Notable among the non-features are Maipak -the Son of Manipur (1973), multiple award winning AFSPA 1956 (in 2008).

o At present the Manipuri Film Industry is the sole full-fledged Digital Film Industry in India which produces an average of 45 commercial films every year providing a means of livelihood for 6000 peoples. Hijam Bala Devi is the present

o Aribam Syam Sharma:
He became the first Indian to win the Nantes Film Festival with 'Imagee Ningthem (1981). Another of his film, Ishanou (The Possessed) is the 1st Indian film to be officially selected for the UN CERTAIN REGARDS at the 1991 Cannes Film Festival (France). In the National film scene, Aribam Syam Sharma is a living legend and the only film maker to win 15 National Awards.

Some of his famous films are Lamjaa Parshuram(1974), Saphabee (1977), Imagee Ningthem (1981) and Ishanou (1990) is the only director to win 15 National Awards. For his accomplishments, Aribam Syam Sharma was felicitated in a special function at the 100th Anniversary Celebration of Indian Cinema held at IFFI Goa in 2013.

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