Nabadwip...Amuktangdi Punshisida

Directed By: Momon Thoudam *

Another good film from amongst the New Wave of Documentary Films by young Director, Momon Thoudam, "Nabadwip...Amuktangdi Punshisida" explores the mystic Nabadwip in all its glory and the emotional attachment Manipuris have with the holy place.


A still from "Nabadwip"

An interesting subject and some never- before-seen scenes, the film is bound to enthrall anybody who wants to trace the religious roots of the Vaishnavite Meiteis and to experience the joys and pathos of the thousands of Manipuri pilgrims who visit this beautiful holy place every year.


DVD Cover for "Nabadwip"

The film is all the more praiseworthy because Momon Thoudam chose a subject different from the cliched violence and HIV-related themes that are more associated with Manipur. A must-see.

Momon Thoudam

Director and Producer - Momon Thoudam

Backdrop Premier Show On 20th Feb. 2011 6pm. Sunday B.O.A.T "Malem Eemagee Pung Eeshei"

** Browse a Gallery on the stills of this Film "Nabadwip" here.

* Momon Thoudam and Shallow River Project, Khuyathong, Imphal provided this film review to .
You can contact the Director of this film at thoudammomo(at)gmail(dot)com
This article was webcasted on February 18th, 2011.


Who is the Best Actress?

  • * Abenao
  • * Binata
  • * Devita
  • * Kamala
  • * Manda
  • * Sonia
  • * Sunila


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