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By: Kabrambam Ranjit Kumar Singh *

"Kaiku, Sadananda and Roshibina have been selected by the cinegoers and the people as the best Singers in the Film News Update/ISO Tech of ISTV." Film News Update/ISO Tech is working for the promotion and upliftment of Manipuri Films. This organisation is becoming essential dimension and the Government with its restricted means, huge demand witnessed a growing inabilities cope with the proliferation economical, social problems and such this organisation voluntarily had to draw upon the activities for upliftment programmes. And with this view and background the Film News update came forward to carry the work for promotion of Manipuri Films.

This organisation contacts the film personalities on the shooting spot and at other places and initiates exchange of thoughts for promotion of good quality films. The unit takes the risk of going everywhere if necessary gives message to the people. Now in sort, Film News update has become an epicentre for making and producing good quality Manipuri films. It is beyond praise to learn what the Film News update had done for the promotion of Manipuri films.

Film News update has displayed 34 episodes in the ISTV Channel, and gave informations relating to the activities, performances rendered by the Manipuri films. One of the most appealing events includes viewers and cinegoers' choice, selection of the Best Actor and Best Singer. Kaiku has been selected by the viewers, out of 34 episodes of the Film News update telecasted in ISTV. Shree Angomcha Bimol Akoijam, a resource person and a member of 'Jury of the Festival of Manipur cinema, 2007 has claimed that his choice from the Festival is definitely Kaiku which is published in The Sangai Express (English) on 27th January 2008.

Popular Manipuri Film Actress Manda

Popular Manipuri Film Actress Manda planting trees as part of World Environment Day Celebration in Imphal, Manipur on June 7th 2005.

And Sadananda, Roshibina also have been selected as the best Singers 24 and 27 times respectively. Peoples' decision is warmly welcomed. We are very much proud of Kaiku, Sadananda for their achievements. Cinegoers and people are the Jury to select them as the best actors and Singers of the Manipuri films till date. We would like to appreciate these three Artists for their outstanding performances in the field of Manipuri cinema. They stole and captured the heart of the men and women of Manipur by dint of their excellent performances. They are all-rounders in their respective fields.

It is not out of place to state that the success of the Artists entirely depends on the performance and choice of the people. If they don't turn out to be the peoples' choice they may face failure in their field. Kaiku, Sadananda and Roshibina are very much successful artists in the Manipuri films. In the context of the present situation Kaiku is the Shahruk Khan of Manipur, Sadananda is the Mohmad Rafi of Manipur and Roshibina, Lata Mangeskar of Manipur.

Now they have made their names as the famous actors and Singers of in Manipur cinema. Film News update is like the Film Fare Award, conducted by the Film Fare Cine Magazine in Mumbai. Film News update may be compelled to perform a Film Award Function in Honour of the Best Actor and Best Singers who have been selected by the men and women of manipur. This function will show gratitude to the Film lovers of Manipur.

Wish Film News update to be prosperous for ever.

* * Kabrambam Ranjit Kumar Singh wrote this article for The Sangai Express.
This article was webcasted on February 20th, 2008


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