A scene from Olangthagee Wangmadasu

A scene from Olangthagee Wangmadasu

The first meeting of Bijay and Thadoi takes place at a musical night in which Bijay is one of the singers. Thadoi is a medical student and also writes poems which are set to tune by Bijay. The grandfather of Bijay wants him to learn the art of swordsmanship while the grandmother wants him to study music and singing.

Thadoi and Bijay go on a picnic with friends and have fun. They also visit a few sacred places. The grandparents of Bijay are serious about Bijay's marriage. On the other hand, Thadoi's brother Kamaljit and his wife want her to marry a rich family friend Jiten. Thadoi elopes with Bijay. They are separated when Kamaljit agrees to perform "Kanyadans" of his sister.

When Thadoi is sent to her house, her brother refuses to give his sister in marriage to Bijay. This has infuriated the grandfather of Bijay and he comes to talk to Kamaljit but is met by Thadoi on the way who has escaped from her brother's watchful custody. They are suddenly attacked by some hired hands of Kamaljit.

While protecting Thadoi, the grandfather of Bijay is badly wounded and died at his house. Bijay and his grandmother to Brindavan on pilgrimage. The grandmother stays at Brindavan while Bijay returns back and joins the contract work of his grandmother's brother Tonjao and stays at a remote rural area (Jiri).

Leirik who is a niece to Samjai, one of the workers with Bijay, comes to the quarter of Bijay to meet her maternal uncle Samjai. Samjai has gone to Imphal. Leirik meets Bijay. She stays in her uncle's room. One day while Bijay has gone out, Kumar who is an ex-husband of Leirik is hiding in the quarter to kidnap Leirik. Kumar drags her out.

He is stopped by Bijay in front of the quarter. The nervous Leirik fainted. Kumar leaves the place. Bijay and Leirik are on the way to meet their domestic boy Chaoba. Kumar's party tried to kill Bijay.

A fight took place. Kumar's attempt to kidnap Leirik fails as Bijay stops him. Bijay is wounded by a gunshot while Kumar is also wounded and left the place. Leirik brings Bijay to the hospital for treatment. Leirik is operated upon by Thadoi who has now become a doctor.

Then Bijay regain consciousness, he is under the impression that Thadoi has already been married to Jiten. He wants that he should be discharged from the hospital soon. Thadoi narrates to the Bijay how she avoids the proposed marriage to Jiten and continues her studies to become a doctor. The misunderstanding is removed and Bijay reconciled with Thadoi

Year of Release: 1980
Kangabam Tomba, Yengkhom Roma, Rashi, Keshoram
Aribam Shyam Sharma
G Narayan Sharma for NS Films
Khun Joy, Hamom Naba, A Jamuna, A Shyam
MK Binodini
Shyam & Khun Joy
The film bagged the Rajat Kamal for Best Regional Film in 27th National Film festival in 1980


Who is the Best Actress?

  • * Abenao
  • * Binata
  • * Devita
  • * Kamala
  • * Manda
  • * Sonia
  • * Sunila


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