Screening of Thajagi Maiihing in Bangalore

Pukhrambam Linthoingambi / Dr. Moirangthem Jiban *

A poster for the film 'Thajagi Maiihing'

A poster for the film 'Thajagi Maiihing'

"Thajagi Maihing" the title itself shows some glimpse of the film's meaning. What is the point of being beautiful like a full moon when it has the sear which can never be erased? But who would have thought that the story line will be so powerful and something which is very important and undoubtedly one of the most burning issues among the present young generation. Romi Meitei proved it many times that a film is just not to entertain. The audience expects something meaningful; something that conveys a massage and lesion rather than the usual romance between the hero and heroine. And ones again, Romi Meitei has confirmed it that he is the director with talent.

Thajagi Maihing had a screening at Secretary Club in Cubbon Park, Bangalore on 19th May 2013 organized by Bangalorians Manipuris. It was not a very big gathering but, enough to prove that the Manipuris here love their Manipuri films. The director said, 'I am very pleased to see my brothers and sisters from Manipur who are dwelling here for education and other purposes. This gathering shows their love towards Manipuri film industry.' He further said, 'even though Manipuri film industry is rapidly developing, it is still a poor industry. Lack of investment limits and disturbs in producing a fine film.

The screening was started at around 6pm. To be honest there was nothing new in the beginning of the story. A guy and a girl in love, studying far from Manipur, talking quite often on mobile, coming home, meeting often etc., but the real story of the film starts from next scene, the scene which is very common but still spreading in our society like a disease. Visiting restaurants in our society is consider as something very immoral.....but why? Why is it considered a forbidden place especially for the youth?

The reason is very simple. The owners as well as the customers used these places in a totally different way; the owners to earn money maintain small dark cubicles and the customers too take advantage of these places. The question is 'do we need such places to meet our loved ones'. The answer is very clear but still mysterious which everybody tries to avoid. I am not saying that such type of scenes had not been mentioned in other film, but Romi elaborates the consequences of this addiction of youngsters.

A scene for the film 'Thajagi Maiihing'

A scene from 'Thajagi Maiihing' :: Pix Courtesy: Mayum Media and Communication

Thaja (Bala) and Thanil (?) meet in restaurant named "Manja Restaurant" and end up making love. Thanil video tapes their intimate moments which Thaja requests to delete it, as it may be seen by others. But, Thanil avoids it saying that it will never happen. After a few days, Thanil meets with an accident and dies and his mobile is pickup by Lakpa (Bony). The MMS is seen by Lakpa.

Thaja is now married to IAS officer Pari (Gokul), a qualified, rich and handsome man who loves her dearly. Most of us think that why only IAS or MPSC. I cannot justify for other movies but her Pari's being IAS officer does surely have a strong fall down as Shakespeare used to write the tragedy of king, prince nobles etc. to craft in reader's heart a strong cave in. What else would a woman want?

But unfortunately, it does not last long. Her past reappears in front of her like a shadow in form of Lakpa which not only haunts her but also shatters her innocent husband's life. Can be imagine what will be the fate of such women who have become victims in the hands of society? That is really scary. Now what will Thaja's decision be???

The film also gives us a message that men are the greatest enemy of women folk in the present moment. The number of issues of rape, molest, murder, betrayal etc. are increasing day by day. And to extent women are responsible for their fate. Mobile phone relationship, having physical relationship before knowing him completely, fulfilling his demands because he is showering you with precious gives, visiting those dark restaurant cabins....... what is the need for all these?

A scene for the film 'Thajagi Maiihing'

A scene from 'Thajagi Maiihing' :: Pix Courtesy: Mayum Media and Communication

Now, are we going to blame only the men folks? Women are innocent that they do not know anything, they are ignorant, and now can we be sure of their innocence? Hemabati's (thanil's mother) words to Linthoi (Soma, the journalist) are in fact the truth. Is it the fault of the man only if the woman does not bother to collect information about the man whom she wants to get to get married and later meets with unwanted events? Man who advantage of woman in the dark room of restaurants would not have tied them up dragged them in. if they do not want those things than how could the men dare to do anything with her? So, the point is women are not 100% innocent. They too have howlers.

The characters in the film have justified their roles. The young actors and actresses seem to be promising. Bala as usual looks beautiful and what to say further on Gokul and Hemabati. Bony's role was small but enough to shatter a family into pieces. And Guna as usual "Pakchabada Loirehe"

Finally, best regards to Romi Meitei for presenting a good film which is indeed a means to open our eyes. Wish him the best in his career and hope to see such type of more movies in future. A must watch film to avoid and take care ourselves being the victims of society.

Scenes from Thajagi Maihing : Part 1 :: Photo Gallery
Scenes from Thajagi Maihing : Part 2 :: Photo Gallery

* Pukhrambam Linthoingambi and Dr. Moirangthem Jiban wrote this review for eRang at
Pukhrambam Linthoingambi Devi is Media and Language Specialist, Textual Analytics Solution Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore And Dr. Moirangthem Jiban Singh is a District Nodal Officer for Environment, Dept. of Health and Family welfare, Chikkabalapura, Karnataka.
The writer can be contacted at mjscholar(at)gmail(dot)com
This article was webcasted on May 23, 2013.


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