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The world may not agree with the contention that the balmy moon's surface is damaged by the visible dark spots on it. However, no one would disagree with our contention that Sonia is one female actor from Manipur without any stained spots that have created a dent in her career in the world of Manipuri films.

Perhaps, it is her sense of conforming to certain values associated with the society which makes her stand out from others like the lonely flower that keeps blooming least indicating that all flowers wither with the passage of time.

With each steps taken carefully during his long association with the economically fledgling world of films in Manipur, this bubbly girl next door took the industry by storm when she acted as the main lead in the film 'Naughty Girls'. This talented, versatile actor was born on August 13, 1988 to Late Hijam Chaoba and Hijam Sanatombi of Kongpal Khaidem Leikai.

When one looks critically at her career, there are adequate reasons to shower accolades for her intense belief in the power of delivering the best. And if you happen to know her at the personal level, perhaps you will be bewitched by her enchanting smiles and the eyes.

This mesmerizing 5'4 inch tall "beauty with character" knows about the pre-conceived notion of the society over the female actor. Keeping this fact close to her mind, she carefully treads the path according the heart beat of the society.

She perhaps thinks, gossips and loose talks in society associated with performing arts, particularly films, should not be given a chance to pull her back to a tight spot where her talents would be restricted.

Due to certain prevailing social constraints owing to prolonged political turmoil, like other female actors, Sonia's parents or siblings accompany her for shoots.

She however never complains the roles assigned to her and finds ways to adjust her schedule without displeasing anyone. Moreover, she is one female actor who gives least importance to tangible material possessions like acquiring a branded watch or even an expensive car. She knows the true value of her worth does not reside on false eternity but true grit.

She has acted over 70 films in a short span of her acting career making her first appearance in the film called "Nangi Saktam".

She seems to believe that success in all fields can be achieved through hard work and support by people. And how does she maintain success? Of course, a fine balance between hard work and respect for all the mentors who had helped her come this far.

Ever since she began establishing contact with the film world, she has not forgotten the immense contribution of well wishers and people who had given her correct directions. One she remembers distinctly is Brojen Laishram, aka "Brojen Light" who helped her in her initial years.

Like any other girls, Sonia too has a simple wish as of now. She wants to spend a splendid night on a floating hut of Loktak Lake and feel the aura of being in the company of fresh earth, air and water unadulterated.

* OC Meira & Steffi Soibam wrote this article for Hueiyen Lanpao
This article was webcasted on July 03, 2015.


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