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The Signal (2014)

Genre: Romantic/Comedy
Cast: Brett Goldstein (Bob), Catherine Tate (Theresa), Natalia Tena (Doris)
Running Time: 1 h 25 m

Great things often comes in a surprising manner. It has been true since eternal time. This is exactly be said about Superbob which has no star cast, little Computer Graphic and no sex at all. It is a interesting movie if you can comprehend the hidden meaning.

The film begins with a man being hit by a meteor and he eventually turns into a super hero. The funny thing about this super hero is that he is a Britsh Civil Servant.

Although he has the superpower he can't do anything without the approval of the concerned authority. He gets holiday decided by the United Nations. He can't work (read save people) on this day. The movie takes a turn when Superbob refuses to shake hand with a high ranking official of another country. During this time while he is waiting for his girlfriend to arrive the gossip mongering media speculate how dangerous he is. He is often described as weapon of mass destruction. The two countries were at logger head. The movie ends when he finds his love and he refuses to be a civil servant. This is the story of the movie.

The message of the movie is that anybody can be a super hero like the man being hit by the meteor. When he tries to do great and noble things people will obstruct his/her grand idea. People will try to do every thing in the world possible to bring him/her on the line. If he/she could bear this intermediate moment then he/she will definitely become the super bob.

Directed beautifully by Jon Drever. This is his first full length feature film. He has directed the documentray WeRide: The Story of Snowboarding, and short film like Tequila, Manland,etc. The pace of the film is somewhat slow but you will enjoy the movie. Nothing spectacular is there in the movie except the plain and simply beautiful storytelling. If you are looking for a enjoyable movie devoid of sex and violence then this is definitely the movie to watch.

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This article was webcasted on January 97 2016.


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