Surjakanta Sharma and Kaiku of Manipuri films
(Jewel of North East Gold Medal and Bharat Excellence)

Kabrabam Ranjitkumar Singh *



Surjakanta Sharma has made a distinct impression in the scene of Manipuri Films with his sensitive technical skills and artistic excellence. He is a photographer, Cinematographer and Director .. of the Manipuri Films. So, he is 'total' - creator and maker of good Manipuri Films. Being a Manipuri, he enjoyed a premier prestigious position in the making of different ideological Manipuri films at the moment.

He has several works and credit for the Development of Manipuri Films. He brings laurels for Manipuri Films by receiving the International Dr. Ambedkar Films Award Gold Medal. He is the President of the Manipur Film Forum, thereby working for the development of Manipuri Films for the years next to come.

We know, the stature of Dada Saheb Palke Award and Dr. Ambedkar Award. He has made for the progress of Films Industries in Manipur. His proper guidance will be a lesson to the young and promising Film Director Manipur.

I am not a critic of films, however my genuine interest lies in seeing Films since childhood days. I have not been seeing films for the last 30 years, going to the Cinema halls.. however, I am seeing Manipuri Films shown in the television (ISTV) regularly. Kaiku is liked by the people and regarded him in the manner of salient and conspicuous in the Films at the moment.

The role he played in the Film "Ta Tomba The Great" have left an indelible impression in everybody mind. The protagonist of the said Films is Kaiku. His performance is perky and beyond comparison. He acted the role of a gristle man with an innocent mind. His performance was very natural with frisky and frolic.

Again he acted in another film wonderfully "Imagee Laman Singlamdre". In this film he played to role of a drug addict and a 'bad' man. The role given to him is very challenging, however he is a gifted actor of Manipuri Film with inborn qualities. And as such he jump the hurdles with successfully.

He is playing Romantics, tragic as well as comical role . Kaiku is extremely good in the Film of "Momon Minok" also as an actor of Manipuri Films. I am not a jury member to select best Director and Actor of the Manipuri Films, but this is my humble views only supporting the International Dr. Ambedkar Film Award receivers. Words fail to express how much we feel glad to learn that Surjakanta Sharma and Kaiku , Director and Actor of Manipur Film Industries have been Awarded International Dr. Ambedkar Film Award, Gold Medal respectively.

* Kabrabam Ranjitkumar Singh wrote this article for The Sangai Express
This article was webcasted on August 03, 2014.


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