Tanggoi: Skillful Depiction of Corruption

James Khangenbam *

A scene from 'Tanggoi'

A scene from 'Tanggoi''

In the ongoing HVS Manipur short film festival 2015 organised by Cine Directors Guild Manipur, 35 films had been selected from 63 entries. Further screening of the shortlisted 35 films for various awards like best film, best director, best editor, and best story awards are yet to take place.

From the selected 35 films, a short film titled 'Tanggoi' directed by Babina Salam is one to watch out for dealing with the endemic issue of corruption.

The protagonist Chinglen is a bright student who secured second position in the State High School Examination and first position in Graduation and Masters degree examinations with additional qualification of having cleared National eligibility tests.

However, he has failed to clear several interviews for different posts in the Government services. Chinglen's brother Ibohal a police officer concerned about his elder brother tried to help him by offering to bribe for a posts.

Chinglen refused his brothers' proposal as he did not want to compromise his hard work. Frustrated over the helplessness, Chinglen set on fire all his certificates and left home.

Ibemhal, Chinglen's mother began developing psychological problem as Chinglen left home. The situation caused extreme trauma and led to a situation when she began to roamed the streets of localities.

Chinglen's brother Ibohal the police officer looked after her mother who narrated her story and showed the ash she collected from the burnt certificates.

The film powerfully depicts the telltale syndrome of prevailing situation in Manipur and paints a situation where deserving people suffer despite efforts spent.

The film also gives a clear picture of how an honest man who did not give up their right path in achieving a goal accepted failure and do not opt for wrong means in achieving goal.

The director of the film 'Tanggoi' Babina Salam has skilfully created a simple story into a riveting narrative.

It may be mentioned that Babina has worked as a lyricist in 'Ahingba Phura', a Manipuri film.

She also scripted DDK NE serial - Make a child smile and had directed 9 films produced by Mac Arthur Foundation, USA.

Her documentary films 'Land of Dragons' was one of the 11 films nominated to the International Film Festival of Women Voices, Los Angeles, California.

* James Khangenbam wrote this article for Hueiyen Lanpao
This article was webcasted on August 02, 2015.


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