The Signal (2014)

Nongmaithem Rakesh *

The Signal (2014)

The Signal (2014)

The Signal (2014)
Genre: Science fiction/Thriller
Cast : Laren Fishburne, Brenton zthwaites, Olivia Cookes, Beau Knapp.

I have seen movies which are difficult to understand and movies are easy to comprehend. However, the "Signal" is a movie which is neither too difficult nor to easy to make the story.

Directed by William Eubank. He is an American film director, screenwriter and cinematogrpaher. The movie premiere in the Sundance Film Festivals.

The story is about three kids/teens (Nic Eastman, Haley Peterson and Jonah Breck) who are going on a road trip. They are the students of MIT and had been following a hacker with the name "NOMAD". They chase him down at night in a abandoned shaggy house.

After an horrific and unexplained event they find themselves in a bizzare institute and Haley is in coma. Nic was questioned again and again by Dr. Wallace Damon in the institute. They escaped from the institute very easliy. However, Jonah Breck was killed by a bullet. The last part of thew movie revealed that they have been abducted by the so called alien. That is the story for you.

The editing was okay and the cinematography was good. The good part about this movie is the location namely the lush green forest where the Nic Eastman (the hero) jog and the breathtaking canyon over which a long bridge is built. Besides that there is nothing intersting in this movie. The movie suffer from the following weak links. Nic Eastman who could not walk but he can drive which is amazing.

Further, the two able friends stay in the car while the lame Nic go inside a store and purchased coffee for the able friend and he fells down. Further, in the movie it was shown that Nic was able to walk on his own. It was not highlighted how he couldn't walk.

Further, I don't know the reason why the alien abducted them and did some weird experiment on them. Nothing is clear in this movie except that it is not a movie to watch.

The storyline very weak. The thrilling part is not very thrilling. So I would suggest you all to skip this movie and make your leisure a pleasant one.

* Nongmaithem Rakesh wrote this article for
The writer is from Nagamapal Phougeishangbam Leikai and can be contacted at rakeshnon(aT)gmail(dot)com
This article was webcasted on December 19 2015.


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