The concept of Manipur Film Industry

Kabrabam Ranjitkumar Singh *

Bala Hijam

Bala Hijam

I am not Manipuri film critic. However my genuine interest lies in Manipuri films/cinemas. The first Manipuri film "Matamgi Manipur" was very successful. We should not forget to mention the credit of the pioneers in Manipur towards producing Manipur film as well as performing Actors and Actresses depicting the prototype of rich cultural heritage with successfully. Now Manipur film industry is very much developed.

In my opinion films are seen to have an impact on our moral life. We see in Manipur generally in good films which focus the value of life and elaborating the conditions of social changes and development, peace, love, music, smiles, pains, tears. These are all a part of human life and existence. One has to learn to accept them.

Films gives as the value of life and the saddest tails of many human hearts, and to accept them. And as such life goes on. Further films are the mirror of human life. Films producing and making involves ample exploitation of the most effective medium of mass communications. We have tiny market of Manipur films and it is a financial hazards of the Manipuri film producers.

Here in Manipur pocket type of Manipuri films are producing with very limited small amounts. We see, Actors and Actresses of Manipuri films are living in every leikais. It is found very cheap. This motto will not lead on Manipuri films industry an income generating one.

But here in Manipur we are to travel much more in the field of Manipuri films Industry as films is a very big business. We are to produce good films with good budget for capturing good market. Producing of Manipuri films, required good laboratory facilities, and Manipur Govt, subsidies.

I am seeing Manipuri films regularly at the television, without going to the cinema halls for the last 18 years. Kaiku the great actor of Manipuri films at the present moment are preferred by the cinegoers of Manipur.

People regarded him in the manner of salient and conspicuous in Manipuri films. The role he played in his every Manipuri films have left an indelible impression in everybody cinegoers minds. It is not out of place to comment and mention that Kaiku's performances in his every films are found quite natural with frisky and frolic.

He is playing the role of romantic and tragedy as per expectation of the cinegoers. It is learnt that Kaiku was awarded International film Award Gold Medal at Sikkim. It is a proud of Manipuri films.

In my opinion at the moment Kaiku and Bala in Manipuri fils have made a new era in the scene of Romantic and Tragedy scene. Both are the champions of the present Manipuri films.

We may expect still greater achievement from Manipuri films inspite of all odds. Film is the vital media for the socio-economic and cultural development in Manipuri Society and the benefit of which the people of Manipur will avail.

We are hoping many young talented actors and actresses of Manipuri films will be shining in the Manipur films in no time. We hope the Govt, of Manipur will extent help film industry of Manipur for the promotion of the quality of our Manipuri films.

* Kabrabam Ranjitkumar Singh wrote this article for The Sangai Express
This article was webcasted on November 16 2015.


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