"Three Musketeers" of Manipuri Films

Review by Kabrambam Ranjit Kumar Singh *

In a very beautiful Place
There is Manipur which noble hear of many
Oh, how beautiful, could there be any like
In Arts and Culture?
It is nothing but my native Jand Manipur
The cool breeze which blows from the hills
Enhance and soothes the heart of many
Forget all their sorrows and pains of life
Standing freeiy with the cairn nature
Enjoyed Arts and culture, just them entered
My world of cinema, gave it more hopes
To live happily.

Social- Cultural ethos prevails in our green valley and hills. Noted, a serious attempt had been made for producing feauture FILMS in Manipur. Now the dream came true. Many films producers are producing Digital Films. Films Industry at present facing a tiny market with limited screening and this consequent return financial loss. We know, Film is a mass communication. Due to poor Laboratory of Films our Films fails. And as such we shall look forward to state Govt. with a profound sense of veneration and the Govt. be requested to constitute the "Manipur Film Policy" so as to promote and develop industry in Manipur. We are to travel much more in this field to produce films with big budget by capturing markets and for this we require good laboratories faculties, Govt. Subsidies and an equipment for making good Films.

My writing and wish is not to review on the whole story and script of a particular Digital Film, but to study the Personalities and performances which have been performed by the respective Film Actors and Actresses in the matter relating to the present scenario of the Manipur Digital Films. We have seen now some young energetic Directors are coming up for making good Digital Films.

In spite of Many hurdles and difficulties Shree O. Gautam a young and Promising Director have directed "Phyjigee Mani" Feature Film and the Film was found screened at the National Film Festival and won respected Awards.

We congratulate this young Director for his efforts in feauture films. We have produced short Films and' documentary Films and which have been awarded. Films are to focus the needy cause of the society regarding the value of life and elaborating the conditions of social changes and Development. The Film Should touch social life, happiness, smiles, tears, pains, to meet and to part of love and saddest tale of many human hearts. However, in spite of so many human hurdles here in Manipur Production of Manipuri Films are in progress. Words fail to express how much we feel proud to see Manipuri Digital Films rising and blooming up in place of Hindi Films and here Hindi Films are found closed.

We have totally forgotten the image of Hindi Films. Films as one of the Vehicles of mass communication besides providing entertainment, pleasure, and also in the field of Education and eradicating the social evils. When violence and hatred occurs among different communities in Manipur, this is what Manipur Films should focus. if we are able to produce big budget films it will provide employment to the talented Artists of Manipur.

This effort wiH help and will go a long way in wiping tears and set a smile to the unemployed talented Artists who are less fortune during these days of unemployment. Manipur Fi1ms can not be abolished but time will come for us to take up certain quality measures for creating big budget Films with sdentific and modern Technologies

It is a wonderful Job for the Directors who are able to introduce three Musketeers (Actors in the Manipuri Digital Films) They are Kaiku Rajkumar, Gokul Athokpam and Bony Gurumayum. People will agree with me that Kaiku, Gokul and Bony at the moment they are found champion and most favorite Actors of Manipuri Digital Films. So, now they are termed as big three Musketeers actors in the Manipuri Digital Films. Their, title may be given as given below

1 Kaiku:- Romantic, Dynamic, Stylist, Good Physical, Debonair, energetic, tragedy, Inborn - quality, lively talented.

2 Gokul: - Angry man, Fighter, Villain, Tragedy Hero, innocent, perfect, All­rounders Talented.

3 Bonny:- Showman, villain, Angry man, Dashing Forward, Smart, Inborn quality, Comedian all rounder's, talented.

It is saying that kaiku has acted 182 Films so far and Gokul, 154 and Bony 56. They are all successful superstars of Manipur Digital Films. It is not out of place to give comment on Kaiku, Gokul, and Bony as they are regarded by the cinegoers of Manipur in the manner of salient and conspicuous in the Manipuri Digital Films at the moment. No words to express praising for them. However, it is very sorry and unfortunate for this Big three musketeers of Manipuri Films as they are not working in the Big budget Films to enable them to exhibit their more talent in their field of performances.



In Mami (Image) a Manipuri feauture Films presently released in which kaiku is playing a major and a very serious Role. This Film relating to his Film carrier a very different Role. His performanas, and acting in this film has left an indelible impression in the mind of the cinegoers, The protagonist of the events in the Film seems to be are real by his outstanding and thundering performances.

His performances in this Film is perky and beyond comparison. He acted with innocent mind and according to the desire of the cinegoers, which is very pleasing to see. His performances are very naturaJ with frisky and frolic, And it is a rare gift and gives us an impression that the events in this Film are all real. The Role given to him is very challenging. However, he is a gifted actor with inborn qualities and as such he jumps the hurdles. He is bound to excel more in future films, and able to perform with ease all romantic, tragedy, Violence, roles. It is not gainsaying to comment that Kaiku is extremely good as an Actor of Manipuri Fi1ms.

Gokul in a scene from

Gokul in a scene from "Imagi Ibungo"

Gokul :- However, Gokul is quite reverse to kaiku in the matter relating to the fashion of acting and performances in the Films. Gokul is an Angry man, Villain, Bad but has turn to good Superstar Film Hero. His different kind of acting and performances make him Gokul the great hero Superstar in the Films. No one can imitate his style of performances and acting. He is atrocious heroic, impressive and very genius actor and further his performances seems to be a real one. His dialogue is thundering and has no word to praise it. If Gokul is given to a big role in big budget films he will outclass bollywood superstar, Pran, Premchopra etc. His acting and performance in the film "Thouri'' is wonderful and worth to praise, and shakes the entire Manipur.

Gurumayum Bonny Sharma

Gurumayum Bonny Sharma

Bony :- Bony entry in films is very late compare to kaiku and Gokul He is one of the Best villain actor of Manipuri Films, however he comes in the best Role of good and heroic and became super star of Manipuri FHms. He is playing serious main Role in the Manipuri Film "Yaiskulgee Pakhang Angaoba" therein his performances is found beyond measure and praise, He is a energetic and wise superstar of Manipuri Films. His style of acting is found quitted different from Kaiku and Gokul and not below from them. He can act every type of Roles given to him. In Manipuri Digital Film, he is a very rare actor. To add more, he has played both the Role of villain and Romantic in Manipuri Films respectively with great artistic fashion and talent. Bony has a wider scope in near future of the top class actor of Manipuri Films.

Bollywood Film super stars were phase wise populared as three musketeers, are stated below. this is purely my conception.

1st Phase Motilal, Ashok Kumar, Balraja Shani

2nd phase Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Devananda

3rd phase Rajesh Khana, Rajendra Kumar, Jitendra

4th phase Amitabh Bachan, Dharmendra, Govinda

5th Phase Sharukh Khan, Amir Khan, Salman Khan.

We have superstars three musketeers of Manipuri feauture films. They are as state below.

1. Kaiku 2. Gokul 3. Bony.

I am writing this article not to preach and do fault rather finding, rather to get my people of film industries of Manipur film Shou1d work together to produce and Promote quality Manipuri Feauture Films as a united team.

* Kabrambam Ranjit Kumar Singh wrote this article for The Sangai Express .
This article was webcasted on May 26, 2012.


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