Will Manipuri digital films last long?

By: Kabrambam Ranjit Kumar Singh *

In the context of the present situation, it is not out of place to mention that huge cheap number of digital films have been produced in a very short period. Now the question is whether these films are quality-based or not.

We desire to see whether these films are produced as per expectation of the people. Manipur is a truly remarkable land which has something unique comparing to any other places. Manipur is much famous for its Arts and Cultures, and Sports in the world.

Such a tiny State of Manipur can produce Padmashree Awardee, and internationally acclaimed film Director Shree A. Shyam Sharma and Padmashree Awardee and internationally acclaimed Drama Director Shree Ratan Thiyam for what they have done in their respective field is beyond praise.

I have come across an article titled 'Film Festival of Manipur 2007', written by a film critic Shree Sanglakpam Nandakiswor Sharma, Mayang Imphal, published in the daily paper Naharongi Thoudang dated 6/2/2007, addressing to the Chief Minister, Manipur.

Therein he described that the film "Lakhipurgee Lakhipyari" has been given 12 awards, including Olen as best Actor and Devita as best Actress. The Film is not a good film from many angles, he added. His publication about the Film is itself explanatory.

"Benhur" Hollywood English Film early year has been given 11 Awards. And any critic of the world has not criticised the Benhur film. Again a film critic Shree Moirangthem Chandra, Khurai Lairikyengbam Leikai, has criticised the Film Forum Manipur for mismanagement of the Film Festival of Maipur, 2007 publication, is itself explanatory.

Further, Shree Angouba Bimol Akoijam, a film Jury of the Film Festival of Manipur, 2007 has claimed that his choice is Kaiku, published in the daily The Sangai Express, English, dated, 27/1/2007. Why he published it in the newspaper, it is best known to him.

Further, a Film Award Function was arranged and Conducted by the Film Academy Manipur which is imparting training and teaching Film Acting, Dancing, etc through eminent resource persons in the field of Film Acting etc. This Film Academy Manipur has selected and conferred awards to Kaiku and Kamala as the Best Actor and Actress of the year 2007 - 2008 respectively. In this regard many critics of the land criticised the events of Film Academy Manipur. Good films will be Produced. Because Film is the mirror of the society.

Film will touch very near to society. It gives us the value of life, to meet, to know, to love, to part, and saddest tale of many a human heart. An everything in life, is temporary for life itself and is not permanent. Film will have happiness, smile, tears, pains, all of which are a part of existence and life. Film has to teach us to accept them. We meet, we part, we suffer and as such life goes on. These may be the theme of the good film, I hope.

Film Award Function also may be performed by the organisation by way of cinegoers, poll and choice, to avoid all problems. Shree A. Shyam Sharma, a Padmashree Awardee and internationally acclaimed Film Director, and Shree Ratan Thiyam, also a Padmashree Awardee and internationally acclaimed Drama Director will be the guiding principle in gearing up film industry in Manipur.

* Kabrambam Ranjit Kumar Singh wrote this article for The Sangai Express .
This article was webcasted on July 09, 2008.


Who is the Best Actress?

  • * Abenao
  • * Binata
  • * Devita
  • * Kamala
  • * Manda
  • * Sonia
  • * Sunila


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