In Conversation with the Young and Emerging Singer of Manipur - Arbind Soibam

* Bidyarani Thingujam

Arbind Soibam

Arbind Soibam

Arbin Soibam this name has captured many hearts, young and old, rich and poor with his melodious voice. His song "Ho Nongdamba" is in the lips of every youngster. Starting his singing career at the age of twelve when he was in class 6, a collection of songs called "Eigi Punshi" was released for the first time and there was no looking back for Arbin Soibam. Looking at his father as an inspiration, Arbin Soibam has come a long way to become what he is today. On the beautiful evening of 17th of April 2017 we got a chance to meet this young and very much enthusiastic singer at Mara Cafe, Uripok.

Here are the excerpts of his interview. Hope our readers will enjoy knowing a little bit of Arbin Soibam's life....

E-pao: Heartfelt gratitude to you Mr Arbin for sparing some of your valuable time for us. We wished that your fans are looking forward to this moment. Mr Arbin Where are you from? Tell us about your family?
Arbin Soibam: I am from Sagolband Tera Loukham Leirak, near Oriental College. My parents are Soibam Babloo and Soibam Ongbi Ibethoi Devi. I am the eldest child in my family and i have a younger brother and a sister. My father has inspired me to choose singing as my career and my family has fully supported me in every way. From childhood, my father had tried his level best to support me in every way he can. I started my singing career at the age of twelve when i was in class 6.

Arbind Soibam

Arbind Soibam

E-pao: Yes, parents are always good. Mr Arbin, tell us your present qualification-in music and in general line?
Arbin Soibam: In music, I have completed Sangeet Visharat in Hindustani Classical under Imphal branch of Bhatkhande Music Institute, Lucknow and in general line I am presently studying M. Sc Botany 4th Semester at Manipur University. After completing M. Sc I will further pursue MA in Music.

E-pao: Please tell us about your mentors?
Arbin Soibam: My first mentor is Late Sanjembam Bankimchandra. Oja Yumnam Chandramohon taught me classical music, Oja Jiten taught me voice culture and Oja Romen is my sankritan teacher. And I have learned different aspects of music from Oja Dr. B. Bidyapati Sharma. And i would like to add one person who has always stood by me in this music industry- Music Director Tony Aheibam.

E-pao: Who is your inspiration?
Arbin: My father. He had inspired me a lot. My father used to learn singing under the guidance of late Oja Aheibam Budhachandra but due to some health problem, he left it midway. I used to hum all of Oja Budha's masterpieces and so, my first production comes here. With 7 masterpiece songs of Oja Aheibam Budha and a patriotic song taught to me by my first Oja Bankimchandra and written by Dr Ibochouba Khaidem, and music by Anand Salai, an audio cassette "Eigi Punshi" was released initiated by my father. That was the first ever production of me as a child artist.

E-pao: Have you ever participated in any singing competition before coming to playback singing? Share us some of your achievements.
Arbin: Yes, I have. After selected from Inter-college Youth Festival of Manipur University, I had participated in the East Zone Inter University Youth Festival held at Ranchi in 2013-14. I got first prize in the light vocal solo category. At the same festival, I got first prize in western music group song as well as in Hindustani group song. Through this festival, I participated in 30th Inter University National Youth Festival held at DAVV, Indore in 2015 where I got third position in light vocal solo category.

And my first award was in 2016 when I got the Best Playback Singer (Male) award at 4th Manipur State Music Video Festival, 2016. That same year I was nominated for Best Male Playback in SSS MANIFA, 2016 but could not get it. Then, I got Best Playback Singer (Male) award at 6th SSS MANIFA AWARDS, 2017.

E-pao: Congratulations to your achievements, Arbin. When did your first playback singing happen and in which song did you established as a full artist?
Arbin: Here I would like to add the name of my guide and brother Tony Aheibam. He had brought me to the world of contemporary music and he gave me the first chance to do playback singing under his music direction. The song was "Eidi Thamoi pikhre" and "Satkaire Thamoigi Leirang" of the film "Eidi Thamoi Pikhre".

E-pao: You already told us that Oja Aheibam Budha and his songs are your favourites, apart from him who is your favourite old timer?
Arbin: Asem Amarjit, because I liked his singing style.

E-pao: As an emerging artist, how did you prepare and in darker moments, how did you try to motivate yourself?
Arbin: For a singer, practice is very important. Routine practice of vocal is very much important. And the main thing is to try to know the different genres of singing and we must apply it to our style. I try to motivate myself by listening to different styles of songs. Listening to the lectures of my seniors and experienced teachers in this field had also helped me a lot.

Arbind Soibam

Arbind Soibam

E-pao: How many of your songs are released till now?
Arbin: So far, 25 songs have already released, and 20 of them are still in record.

E-pao: Are there any restrictions from your other family members?
Arbin: No, there are not. My father, mother and other family members fully supported me so far and it is from their support that I have achieved so much.

E-pao: Have you participated in any music concerts outside Manipur?
Arbin: Yes I have been to Cachar (Assam), Ranchi, Mysore, Indore, Kurukshetra etc for music concerts.

E-pao: In how many genres have you been experience so far?
Arbin: Yes, I had always wanted to be a versatile singer. I had tried different styles of Singing. So far I have experience Hindustani Classical, Western R & B, Western and Contemporary Fusion and there is another flavour of Folk Music too.

E-pao: Please Name some of your songs-released and upcomings
Arbin: Eidi Thamoi Pikhre, Satkaire Thamoi gi Leirang, Leirang Satlasu, Nangdi thajani, Nang gi Nungshibada Ngaoraba, Ho Nongdamba, and there is many more.

E-pao: Please tell us some of the names of music directors you have worked with?
Arbin: I have worked with Tony Aheibam, Bisho Chanambam, Rhythm Thiyam, Surmani Rishi, B Maisnam, Oja Anand Salai, Gopi etc

E-pao: And what is your future prospect?
Arbin: I want to be a professor and I am trying my level best.

E-pao: What is your message to the struggling singers of Manipur?
Arbin: Yes, every singer has an inborn quality. But that only does not work. We have to learn according to the class. If anyone chooses singing as a career option, then education in music from the start is a must. And the complete mantra...Discipline is very important. We must respect our teachers. And if you have come to this field, maintain your self-respect but shed your ego.

And I have a message for all. If we pick up the beautiful oldies of bygone era and remake the song again without destroying its original composition, then it will be a beautiful gift to the present and coming generation. From my side, I am going to pick a masterpiece song time to time and remake it so as to show the youths that there was rich music in the bygone era too. My aim is to maintain the originality of the song, as well as inserting the taste of present generation.

E-pao: Thanks again, Arbin Soibam for sparing some of your valuable time. We wish you luck in all your future endeavours.
Arbin: It was my pleasure.

That was Arbin Soibam, a bright star in the present music industry of Manipur. The voice behind the famous song "Nangdi Thajani Eigi Thamoi Atiyagi". The talented singer who has been enchanting people with his melodious voice. Arbin Soibam, we, the team of E-pao wishes you a bright future. Good Luck

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* Bidyarani Thingujam contributes to reqularly.
This profile was first webcasted on May 05, 2017


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