Aries Haoneo Kuki :: Singer :: Profile

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Aries Haoneo Kuki :: Singer

Aries Haoneo Kuki :: Singer

Name: Letkhohao Haokip
Stage/Nick name: Aries Haoneo Kuki
Profession: Singer ( Artiste)
Father's name: Paotinthang Haokip
Mother's name: Hoikhotin Haokip
Address: Songjang village, Chandel
Date of birth: 05 April 199x
Height: 5'6''
Educational Qualification: Graduated
Hobbies: Singing, Playing Music, Traveling & Learning new thing's
Favorite Colours: Blue & White
Favorite game: Football
Favorite dish: Vatot sa
Favorite Musical Instrument: Guiter & Keyboard.

Aries Haoneo Kuki :: Singer

Aries Haoneo Kuki :: Singer

Aries Haoneo Kuki is a Kuki Pop Singer, Lyricist & Performer in various functions and festival of the Kuki community.

His singing career begin when he started recording at the age of 16 with his first debute duet song "Selunglai'ah Mangmon" with Rebecca Kimneineng Haokip on 10 August 2013 under M.Haopu (Logic studio) Music production. Recording, mixing & mastering by Muan Maxwave studio.

After recording about 10 songs namely:

1. Selunglai'ah Mangmon
2. Numei Lhunglhom Lungneo
3. Kanam Nungah
4. Nui heuchan neihin ven
5. Nasomai Mel
6. Lunglai'a chamjing
7. Hingello gol
8. Lung'a Gelphah lou
9. ASC (Alpha Study Cercle)
10. Chavang Kut

Aries Haoneo Kuki took along break about 5 years of gap due to further studies and in 14 February 2021 he once again started recording and come up with a new song called "Lungsetnahi Haitange" and started to continue his singing career once again.

All his songs are available on measure online platform such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google music,Youtube music, Amazon Music Jiosaavn, Pandora, etc.

Aries Haoneo Kuki :: Singer

Aries Haoneo Kuki :: Singer

Aries Haoneo Kuki Social Profiles: Instagram: aries_haoneo_kuki
Facebook: Aries Haoneo Kuki
Twitter: AriesHaoneoKuki
LinkedIn: Aries Haoneo Kuki
YouTube: Aries Haoneo Kuki

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