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Gurumayum Jeson

Gurumayum Jeson

Name: Gurumayum Jeson Sharma
Parent's Name: Gurumayum Joykumar Sharma
Address: Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai
Date of birth: 23rd March, 1990
Educational Qualification: Graduate in Political Science.
Favourite singer: Sonu Nigam/Sagoshem Tijendra
Inspired by: Sonu Nigam
First Debut Song: "Thamoi Masak Khangda Nungshi Hairuba" from the movie "Eigi Shalini Maam"
Favourite indigenous food : Sareng Atoiba Thongba
Favourite Dress to wear on stage: Casual
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Latest song: Nungshibi Eigi Nungshibi a music video directed by Hemanta Khuman

Gurumayum Jeson

Gurumayum Jeson

Through his tune to keep the people entertained, Gurumayum Jeson Sharma, a young and promising singer, has been singing for the people of Manipur. The insurgent affected state of Manipur has perhaps witnessed a number of musical extravaganza despite the hardships faced by common people with the constant sound of blast and gunshots.

"Keep on Singing, Music is Life" : With these encouraging words from his fans, Jeson has been performing relentlessly from months to months. The young crowd are his main target audience besides the older ones.

Jeson in his early stage of life was fond of classical songs and music, and he had participated in various song competitions and won prizes. Jeson was inspired by songs of Sonu Nigam that really made him take up the profession of singing. He learnt a lot of music from Ashem Bimola in his initial stage of singing with the guidance from his parents and also his friends.

Jeson's debut song is 'Thamoi Mashak Khangda Nungshi Hairuba' from the movie titled 'Eigi Salini Madam'. This is the first song Jeson sang as a playback singer. Feeling excited and happy when the audience started humming to this tune, Jeson has been continually entertaining the young crowd. So far, Jeson has recorded 70 songs and has done 16 music videos to his credit.

His hit numbers include
Miss Manipur,
Nungshiba Khuding,
Nangna inaakta Phamlaga,
Nungshibi Eigi Nungshibi,
Jaya Jaya Radhe,
Thamoi Mashak Khangda
, etc.

Another 7 new music video albums and 14 new songs are on the card. Jeson prefers to sing romantic songs, 'Kadaidano' is one of this favourite song.

Gurumayum Jeson

Gurumayum Jeson

According to Jeson , Music video albums encourages young talented artists to come up with new ideas and skills in creating music videos, movies while it also leads to a new path in the Manipuri film industry. 'It (Music video albums) also provides people to earn their livelihood specially in our present state of low unemployment', he says.

Travelling from place to place to perform in late night musical concerts along with friends and family, Jeson says that the profession of singing is quite tiring and exhausting as he sometimes had to perform in five places on a single night. Jeson had performed lived in Bangalore. Jeson sings for his interest in music and not for money. During the months of June and July, he is confined at home learning more music. Jeson jokingly says that he hardly relaxes as he take calls to talk to his many fans .

Setting up a Music Institute to educate and promote music while supporting the music lovers financially will be his future endeavor. Though Manipur is economically backward, we do have the best quality recording studio with minimal equipment, Jeson says. He feels that the present trend of music is now based on techno-music rather than the artist giving importance to their voice.

But Jeson urged the music enthusiast of the state to love the profession of music. Even as we know that 'Old is Gold', the future of the music industry always goes to the new and changing genre. Jeson cautiouned on the sale of music videos coming down due to black markets as this makes a huge lose to the producer and also the singers.

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* Daniel Chabungbam is presently working as Manipur Correspondent of guwahati based Frontier TV 24 x 7 news channel
This profile was first webcasted on March 17, 2013


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