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Jena Khumanthem

Jena Khumanthem

Name: Jena Khumanthem

Father's Name: Khumanthem Jiten Meetei

Mother's Name: Khumanthem ongbi Nenji Leima

Address: Moirangkampu Mayai Leikai

Date of birth: Saturday, February 23, 19xx

Hobbies: Listening Music, Dance

Favourite colour: Sky blue

Aimbition: to become a reknown singer and a music composer

First Music album: Nakhoi Leikai Lakpada

First film: Ningshing Khul

Jena Khumanthem

Jena Khumanthem

Children are identified right from their dawn. As such, from the very tender age her parents know that Jena has a distinct talent in music. Her attitudes towards music have come a day's part of the parents of Jena. May be her simple uttering songs or her echoes of humming to popular numbers, her parents were made to think a second thought.

With the talents she posses she performs on stage while she was studying in class V and VI without taking any lessons from particular guide. Her talent was recognized by Hamom Sadananda, who needs no introduction in the field of music in our state. Sadananda helps and guides her during her early stage in music.

Jena learnt music under the guidance of Hamom Sadananda under the aegis of Shiva Institute of Music (SIM). This was Jena's first formal learning of music. Further, Jena studied in Government Music College and passed visharad at her early stage of life.

Jena is presently studying eleven class in Little Rose Higher Secondary School, Canchipur. She is an All India Radio approved child artist. She dances to tunes of music on stages too. She has performed in various musical programmes. Apart from singing she acted in a music video titled 'Chabada Thumdou mallaba' which is also one of her popular number.

She also acted in two other music videos. Her first music video is 'Nakhoi Leikai Lakpada'. Her acting skills can be seen also in the music video titled 'Eesheidum Shakshi'. Some new numbers and new music videos are also coming up very soon.

Jena Khumanthem

Jena Khumanthem

She acted in a film titled Ningshing Khul for the first time. As a supporting actor she also acted in the film 'chayetpa Tomnaogi nungshi lamjel'. In both the films she also took part as a playback singer. Besides from acting in films, she has sung for the films like Thajagi Maihing, Inehal, Imphal to Chennai and Phagi Phagidagi. Among her numbers in films, a duet song 'Kanagi Thamoi Kaihange Khallunu' was sung along with Nongmaithem Solendro for the film Phagi Phagidagi. This song was included among the top ten numbers of All India Radio, Imphal.

She has an artistic look at the very first sight. She is photogenic. So, many producers and directors of Manipuri film industry are ready to take her assignments for upcoming films. But, she prefers music rather than acting in films. Her parent also supports Jena to become a popular singer instead of becoming an actor. So, of now, Jena is somewhat turning back from acting in films.

Right from her childhood performance on stage, she has been awarded in various competitions and contests. So far, Jena has won more than 25 awards including many awards at the state level. This could become a reality because of the guidance and supports from parents, her teachers, her relatives and also her huge fan. As she is still in her teens she is not confident on her future career. But, she aims to become a reknown singer.

Human beings, whether he/she succeeds in his/her wishes needs to work hard to achieve one's goal. With this in mind, Jena with help and guidance from parents is marching towards her goal to become a popular singer.

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This profile was first webcasted on January 17, 2016


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