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Linda Thangjam

Linda Thangjam

Name: Linda Thangjam
Father's name: Thangjam Hemanta Singh
Mother's name: Thangjam ongbi Tamubi Devi
Address: Khoyathong Polem Leikai, Pukhri Achouba mapal
Date of birth: March 1, 1990
Education: pursuing BA from Imphal college

Linda Thangjam

Linda Thangjam

Ngaojei chakchei
Nangumba nupase eidi
Pamjei Kallakchei
Nanggi thounado eidi
Phajaba kaise yadeko
Ningolgi thammoi kaihouhalli
Apamba kaise yadeko
Ekai-eki wangma lalhalli
Nangna yagera yaroira khangde
Eidi nangbu nungshiye
Sengna nungshiye
Nagbu pamjeiye
Eina sengna pamjeiye...

is a lyrics of a song from the vocals of Linda Thangjam, a new sensational singer of Manipur. Right from her childhood her interest in music has already begun. She started singing before she understand what music is and what a singer should possess. One of her aunty (singer Bidyarani) always spoke to her that she possesses a different voice which everyone would like to listen.

Then Bidyarani took the role of a middlewoman and make Linda tied up with the art of music. Linda's knowledge about light music came through Bidyarani. With the help of Bidyarani, Linda completed her Bisarat in Hindustani Music under the guidance of Oja Himachal.

Right now Linda Thangjam is undergoing her Nipun course. She also took helped from Ranbir Thouna and Bobin too. She learnt Sangkirtan and Dance from the gurus of Jawaharlal Nehru Manipur Dance Academy Imphal. Linda also sought knowledge from other guides.

Apart from singing in Manipuri language, she can sing in Bhojpuri and Tamil. She has knowledge of Hindustani classical, Nat sangkirtan, folk music, etc. Linda can perform Hip-hop dance and modern dance also. She wants to perform at a situation where she would be able to both sing and dance. She likes listening and watching songs from Avril Lavinge. The make-up of Avril is one of her favourite. She is an approved singer of All India Radio, Imphal.

Her first music video album as a singer and actor came to light through one of her cousin Tony Aheibam and actor Devita. Her first music video titled 'Nikhaiyu' was made through them. This was possible after she won the 'Voice Hunt 2006-07 titled which was organised by a popular musical band Mahabharat.

Her own song 'Nangumba Nupase' directed by Hemanta Khuman is her first music video album. She also acted in the music video too. So far, Linda has sung more than 20 songs.

Linda Thangjam

Linda Thangjam

Among them Nikhaiyu, Nanggumba Nupase, Chocolate, Phanadum taan chare was produced as music video. Linda sang for films like Ningol wathok, Imagi Sanathoi, Octabee Natte, Eikhoi Pabunggi as a playback singer.

Linda is always cautious with the way she performs to become an admired singer. She would perform to the wish of the crowd but imagine the audience first. She presents the number after knowing the moods of the audience. This was to both attract and control the audience.

During live performances, Linda performed according to the nature of the audience as sometimes controlling wild crowd is a difficult task. Good music, good lyrics, good tunes are also a part for one to become a good singer. Live performances need to be more cautious than recording in studios.

She has a fantasy in fashion. She is keen to wear stylish dresses. She wants to wear dress which is very different from others. So, she wears different dress which was designed by herself. She likes watching badminton and cricket. She has a love for our Manipuri script.

Linda has a plan to become a singer where she performs in our traditional marriage and death ceremonies.

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This profile was first webcasted on August 25, 2016


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