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Moirangthem Surma

Moirangthem Surma

Name: Moirangthem Surma Chanu
Father's Name: Moirangthem Surendro Meitei
Mother's Name: Moirangthem ongbi Bhama Leima
Address: Wangjing Sorokhaibam Leikai
Date of Birth: Wednesday, 27th November, 19XX
Zodiac: Cancer
Height: 5'2''
Present Qualification: BA, Manipuri Honours (sixth semester), GP Women's College
Passed class X from Wangjing Higher Secondary School
Passed Class XII from Francier Abhiram Higher Secondary School, Thoubal
Professional Qualification: Appeared 3rd year in Hindustani Classical
under Kha-Manipur Hindustanu Sangeet Mahavidyalaya, Kakching.
Hobby: Singing, reading short stories
First song (music video): Ahing magi; music direction by Bisho Ch. (lyrics: Boycha), 2011
First playback song: Neihatpiraba Thawai for the film Aronba Maikhum, music direction by Bisho Chanambam.

Moirangthem Surma

Moirangthem Surma

Surma Chanu from her early childhood age began to associate with music. She humes to the tune of the popular numbers during her childhood. She even dance in the tune of music when she was a child. She recalls the time when she sang the song 'Atiyada maning tamna pairiba' for the film Amambasu Anganbani at her tender age. After singing this song many encouragements came and asked her to continue with the profession of music by her parents and relatives, friends and her locality.

When she was reading in Class IX/X, she learnt music from Mr. Bisho Chanambam who is a reknown music director. She started learning light music from 2009 till date under the guidance of Bisho while she went to Kha-Manipur Hindustani Sangeet Mahavidyalaya in Kakching to learn Hindustani classical from Oja Ibotombi Sharma. She is now studying in third year at this institute under Oja Ibotombi Sharma. She owes her credits to two of her first guides Bisho and Ibotombi.

Surma Chanu first stage performance came alive when she performed at a musical concert at Wangjing Kodompokpi ground in 2010. On this very day, Surma attracted the crowds with two numbers titles 'Ningshinglaroi' and 'pomlamba'. Even as she keeps on associating with music and began recording songs she was unable to publicise her songs due to monetary problems. But suddenly with helps from family members her first music video came to stands in the year 2011 with the title 'Ahing Magi'.

As Surma Chanu steps in to the field of music, she wants to continue it as her profession while she wants to study law after her graduation. In music she is preparing to be one of the contested of the Asian Idol in future. Apparently, her musical career touches a turning point with her live performance at Wangjing. She was greeted with cheers from the crowd while she also stood without any fear or nervousness. She stills remember the day as one of her happiest moment so far.

In her musical career, support from her parents and relatives was utmost and without which she might not have the recognition today. Among her family members her youngest uncle loves music and Surma also use to play harmonium together with him. Her uncle always encourages her works in the field of music. But, Surma said 'kaka do houjikti leikhidre (my uncle is no more today). Besides singing, Surma plays guitar, keyboard. She sometimes performs on stage by playing guitar before the crowd. Surma Chanu is linked with various genres of music but she use to perform mostly with the genre of western style while she perhaps listen to Indian classical and western classical too.

Moirangthem Surma

Moirangthem Surma

If a song touches ones heart then the song might be a hit song. To touch one's heart what a singer need is to produce quality songs while keeping in mind the expression, which is also important. The singers also commits mistakes, sometimes forget the lyrics. At this moment, the most important thing is the crowd, Surma said she just act to entertain them.

These days, every musical concert is not complete without the presence of Surma Chanu. She never misses her chances of performing in the musical shows. As a playback singer, Surma has sung for various Manipuri films. Many fans of Surma Chanu have come out to directly wish her good luck in her endeavor. Thereby Surma also tries her level best to entertain the crowd on musical shows. At the maximum Surma accepts only five musical shows per day. But, demand for Surma is growing day by day mostly among the youths.

To her credits as many as 30 songs of Surma Chanu have been recorded. Among which as a playback singer Surma has sung for the films like 'Kadaidano' along with AK Yangoi for the film Loiba Tare Ta Raju 'Lonna Tumin' (solo) for the film Tandan 'Irang lang-i' for the film Sabi-Sanou(Kaiku v/s Hiramoti) 'Mitchi' along with Raj Elangbam for the film Sono Fono 'Keishampat' along with G. Bonny Sharma for the film VDF Thasana 'Ubimandeko Lai Nangsu' (solo) for the film Mama Taret 'Mapok mapok' (solo) for the film Houkhodanan Ta Raghuda 'Thawaina Taba' with Naoboy for the film 80000 Meiraba 'Ngaohalle' along with Raj Elangbam for the film Tamoyaigee Ibecha.

Upcoming films where Surma as a playback singer Thabaton-2, Hoo chage, Napal, Mingsel, Lemi and Sorinchon, Yaiskul Pakhang Angaoba-2, Nongthangleima, Kidnap Nungshithoi, Thamoida Kiramba Kisi, Chinthiba Chinthibee, Uchin nachin-na, etc.

Music videos sung by Surma includes Pomlamba, Una una, Chikla thamoi, Ngaore ngaore,Thajadana, Mathanggi numitta, Pothapham, nongmagee, Mapung Phadribi, Tangna phangba tanjada, Hey nungsiba, Ekai, Kundo, Emagi Langlen, etc.

Surma Chanu admires singers like Vishal Dadlani, Saukat Amanat Ali, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Kailesh Kher, etc. Surma though has gain a lot of recognition from the crowd she said that she is still a learner. Music has no end. Every single morning Surma never take for granted to do vocal warm-up, vocal, culture and also vocal practice. While she is pursuing her educational studies, she has appeared for the third year in Hindustani classical. This is how Surma utilize her time for both music and studies. Above all, practice is what she never ignores.

However, while dedicating herself in music, she feels that Manipur though a small state a lot of problem exists. Disturbance during journeys for concert by security forces and others can be termed as a mockery to their profession. On the other, the way some crowd disturbs and makes senseless attitude of the artists is also a hindrance to the music lovers and also makes a hurdle in the development of our rich art and culture, said Surma Chanu.

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* Daniel Chabungbam is presently working as Manipur Correspondent of guwahati based Frontier TV 24 x 7 news channel
This profile was first webcasted on March 29, 2014


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