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Pangambam Chitra

Pangambam Chitra

Name: Pangambam Chitra Devi
Father's Name: Pangambam Joykumar Singh
Mother's Name: Pangambam Tombiton Devi
Address: Khurai Kongpal Ningthoubung Leikai
Date of Birth: Saturday, December 10, XXXX
Hobbies: singing and listening music
Favourite colour: Pink
Favourite Singer: Lata Mangeskar
Favourite film: Meiranbi
Favourite dish: Kangsoi with kang-hou

Pangambam Chitra

Pangambam Chitra

Leisak leichu henbi, eekai eeki wangma lankhare, nahanmukki mapokta, ngarang ngarang nganglanu nappada are some of the popular numbers of Chitra where youths sing along with her in most of the musical shows. So far, Chitra has sung for various films as a playback singer. Chitra has acted in music videos and also films. She is became a favourite singer for many youths.

Chitra started learning the art of music when she attained the little age of 3. She seeks the knowledge in Meitei eeshei from one Wairi Thoibi of Khurai Ningthoubung. Whenever she goes to Wairi Thoibi'e residence she was accompanied by her music lover grandfather Pangambam Narahari Singh by sitting in the bicycle carrier. But her mother Tombiton let Chitra learn light music from Jiten of Moirang (who stays at Khuyathong. Going to Khuyathong everyday cost much, so Chitra urged her maternal grandparents to present a bicycle on the occasion of Ningol Chakkouba when she was reading in Class IV.

Chitra started going alone with the bicycle to Jiten's place at Khuyathong. She never felt tired of riding bicycle upto Khuyathong as her only aim was to learn the art of music. After learning meetei esshei for a year, Chitra studied second year in light music from Jiten in 1997. Then she learnt Classical music from Oja Kameshwar of Khurai Lairikyengbam Leikai and completed her second year in music. With the help of Kameshwar, She got distinction in classical music under Sangeet Bidyapith Lucknow in 2000. And she passed Visharad in first division under the same institute in the year 2003.

Till now, Chitra never forgets the person who was first introduced her to the art of classical music. She first learnt classical music through Shantikumar Singh of Khurai Kongpal Ningthoubung Leikai. With this Chitra, keep in touch with RK Jiten, Naorem Jitekumar, Dr. Hamom Naba, Sagolshem Tijendra, Sori Senjam, Aphao and others to get acquaintance in music. After her association with various music experts, she manages herself with her learning and began to participate in music competitions in light music.

Pangambam Chitra

Pangambam Chitra

Chitra's mother Tombiton Devi belongs to a family where music is their part of life. Tombiton's father Keisham Thambal a renown Nat Sankirtan singer who hails from Top Khongnagmakhong is popularly known as Top Thambal. So Chitra's mother Tombiton encourages her daughter while going through music. She always take care of her daughter's musical career.

While learning music under the guidance of Kameshwar, Chitra was selected from amongst the best students and got the first taste of recording her own song for an audio album title "Sweet Sister". In 2001, Chitra got her first ever opportunity to perform at stage when a musical show 'Ashokumar Nite was held at GM Hall, Imphal. She presented 'Achikpada Naiton nganbi Thaja' and 'Chatningdrene Eidi Imphal Saharda' for which Kameshwar was the music composer.

Chitra achieved the best mark scorer in music subject in the class XII examination conducted by Council of Higher Secondary education Manipur in 2008. She then completed her graduation in Education subject from DM College of Arts in 2011. She participated in National Youth Festival at Rohtak in Haryana while she did her graduation and took part in Skit play, Folk orchestra and Folk song competition during the festival.

Chitra was among the five finalist of 'Best of AMMIK' competition held in 2010 and stood five position. She met Tomba Thangjam and Sori Senjam during the AMMIK competition and also became a member of Roop Raag. After establishing a close relationship with the singers of Roop Raag, Chitra got the chance to be a playback singer. Chitra has produced her own solo audio albums among which Lamlanba nangbu kanano was first audio album. Her next solo audio is Eikhoi tamochagi mamannaba.

Chitra has also sung and acted for various music videos. She sang for the music video Leiranggi Leikada for the first. Irang pubini, rashi leibi, nuja thammoi lamhenbi, phajaba pakhang, nungshi maithong, yenglakkanu eingonda, ningai chaobi may be mentioned. She acted in the music video nuja thammoi lamhenbi and rashi leibi.

Her first playback singing was Leishak Leichu henbi for the film Abir Khan where she sang together with the music director of the film Sori Senjam. Her next assignment was for the film Mongpham where Rahul was the music director.

Pangambam Chitra

Pangambam Chitra

Film Songs sung by Chitra includes

Leishak Leichu Henbi, film - Abir Khan
Ekai Wangma lankhare, film - Mongpham, lyrics O. Geet
Nahanmukki mapokta eina, film - Yaiphare Yaiphare, lyrics Bimol Phibou
Mikup Khuding, film Tamoyaigi Ibecha
He sak - khangdaba phajaba, film - Tabungnungda akaiba likli, lyrics Romi Meitei
Leplare pullare, film - Leisigi Wangmada
Nungshi Maithong, film - Saktam Ama
Ngarang ngarang nganglanu, film - Thabaton
Thamoise Chek - khaidoure, fillm - Chayetpa Tomnao

Apart from singing, Chitra will also be seen in the silver screen of Manipuri cinema. She is all set to cast in as many as 5/6 manipuri films. Her first film is Lei - i - sigi Wangmada directed by OC Meira. Chitra played the role of a lecturer Thambal of Tripura University and co - acted with Mahesh Thounaojam. She narrated that during the Animoon Film Star nite she met with director OC Meira and the very moment Meira urged Chitra to be in a role for their upcoming film. Thus Chitra became an actress.

Since then, Chitra got some assignments for Manipuri films, but she has acted for the film Ureinong directed by Pilu Heigrujam in a role of a queen. She takes the role of a counselor and co - acted in the film Ayuba Hinao which is directed by Pilu Heigrujam. Then her next appearance in the silver screen is in the film Saktam Ama and cast a twin role (double role) along with Gokul. The film is directed by Bijgupta Laishram.

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