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Prakash Soraisam

Prakash Soraisam

Name: Prakash Soraisam
Nick Name: Korounganba
Father's Name: Soraisam Keshoram
Mother's Name: (Late) Soraisam Ibecha
Address: Sega Road Thouda Bhabok Leikai
Date of Birth: January 18, ....
Education: BA (Political Science) from Delhi University
Zodiac: Cancer
Height: 5'6''
Favourite Dish: Yongchak Ironba
Favourite Colour: White, Black
Favourite Dress: Casual
Favourite Actor: Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie
Favourite Song: 'Nangbu Asum Ningsingduna Leire' by Aheibam Shyam
and 'Tengthaba Natte Eigi Eeshei' by Nongmaithem Pahari
Favourite Singer: Aheibam Shyam, Nongmaithem Pahari, Udit Narayan and Sonu Nigam
Ambition: Service to the society in the field of Art, Render help to the old and needy.

Prakash Soraisam

Prakash Soraisam

As a singer and an actor, Prakash gives a dual taste of an Artist to the Manipuri people. He acts as well as he sings , he enthrals the crowd with special numbers almost in every musical concert in the valley and hills of Manipur. Prakash Soraisam is none other than the young and promising artist who gave a taste of music in the Manipuri film industry. His song 'Ho Leisabi' debuted in film when it was first released.

Even though Prakash likes music, he did not get enough space to sing his song before the general public, instead, he used to perform in small functions at schools and colleges where he studied. It was in the year 2005, while doing his graduation in New Delhi and also working in a private company to bear his expenses, that he joined a Hindustani Classical Music Class. His roommate at Delhi, Sannad, always supported what Prakash was doing. Prakash Soraisam once got a chance to perform at a function at his college. This was the first time when Prakash performed live on stage. After his return from Delhi in the year 2006, Prakash was associated with the Imphal based orchestra group called SARGAM and got the opportunity to perform live in front of the public. On November 21 2009, Prakash began his journey in Professional Manipuri music, performing live in the Musical Concert titled 'Ho Leisabi' at Bhagyachandra Open Air Theatre (BOAT) in which he received a hearty applause from the listeners.

In his effort to further his classical music knowledge, Prakash underwent training under Jiten Naorem from Uripok, Sobhachandra from Kongba, Sagolsem Tijendra from Moirangkhom and Kameshwor from Khurai. It is said that a musical concert seems empty when Prakash does not mesmerize the crowd with his presence. Prakash has become a household name in Manipuri music and has been invited in almost every musical concert held in Manipur.

Prakash Soraisam

Prakash Soraisam

Prakash Soraisam has sung for more than 50 music videos and more than 25 Manipuri films. His first music album "Ho Leisabi' includes 12 songs written by Khoibi Paonam, tuned by Sobhachandra Athokpam and music directed by Mikky and Kokobi of SARGAM. The music video 'Ho Leisabi' is directed by RK. Amarjit starring Soma, Bala, Purnanand and Prakash himself. In duet songs, Prakash usually sings with Mandakini acknowledging that he learns a lot on Manipuri music from Mandakini. In the early stage of his musical journey, Prakash has associated with Sadananda Hamom and also learned playing guitar. He says that he finds it hard when he changes to Hindustani music after learning western music.

In the music video 'Angakpani Nungsiba' directed by Warjeet , Prakash both acted and sung in it, but this first appearance in the music video was not that sucessfull. After repeated shootings, Prakash standed on a firm ground, associated with RK Amarjit and acted in the music video 'Ho Leisabi'. This music video then becomes a debut album for Prakash thus introducing him to the glamorous world of music videos and also to the Manipuri film industry. After his debut song 'Ho Leisabi', many tracks like Echega channajabi mataroi, Leirang-gum Leinalakta, GP College, Machathoi Eigi Thawai, Angakpani Nngsiba, Numit khuding, Nang keda kana keni, Phajeiko phajeiko, Nambul, Turel, Punshisigi Thadoklaroi, He nang angang oirikoa and Kaoraroi hits Manipuri musical industry.

After his appearance in many music videos, Prakash now aims towards the silver screen and for the first time acts in the movie 'Angakpa' opposite Motibala. He played the leading role in the films 'Angakpa' and 'Tampha I Love You'. In his first appearance in the film 'Angakpa' , Prakash played the role of Athouba which was directed by James and Kanchi Ranjit. With the support from family members and friends, Prakash entered into the film industry looking towards a bright future. Prakash's father, Keshoram, who is a senior Drama Artist of the Manipur Dramatic Union (MDU) played a vital role in his journey into the film world. Keshoram was famous for his negative roles in films like Kombirei, Lamja Pashuram, Olangthagee Wangmadasu and other films of yester years. He played the role of Bir Tikendrajit in that famous play of MDU.

Prakash's upcoming films like Chaam-nga Chatpi, Asiba Hakchang (Dead Body), Nungshibagi Laman, Thourani Ichal are slated to be released very shortly and also his another film titled 'Hei ama Lei ama' where he plays the main role is scheduled for shooting. With various assignments and schedules pouring in for Prakash, he is well prepared to face any obstacles.

Working in different forms of arts is interesting for Prakash where in his early part of his career he was performing (music) live on stage while in the present day, he is doing both the job of performing music as well as acting. But all these would not have come on his way without the instructions and encouraging guidance and support that Prakash learnt from the experts.

Learning music, acting and other art forms is a never ending story. He learns while he sing and act. Prakash feels that, everyone who longs to perform music or act in a film has to overcome many stages of training before entering to it as it is not an easy task. Prakash welcomes suggestions and advice from the listeners and viewers in every field.

A mega live musical show of Prakash is coming soon, so folks, be ready.

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* Daniel Chabungbam is presently working as Manipur Correspondent of guwahati based Frontier TV 24 x 7 news channel
This profile was first webcasted on January 22, 2013


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