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Priyanka Rajkumari

Priyanka Rajkumari

Name: Priyanka Rajkumari
Father's Name: RK. Dayananda
Mother's Name: RK ongbi Dhiroda Devi
Address: Sagolband Amudon Akham Leikai, Imphal
Date of Birth: 23rd December, 1997 Tuesday
Educational Qualification: BA First Semester
First Music album: Mityengna (2014)

Priyanka Rajkumari

Priyanka Rajkumari

One's journey has many directions. We are made to change according to the changes time brings. We can't avoid the changes because this comes in one's journey of life. But, we must be cautious to the changes.

Melodious, cool, meaningful lyrics which gave a heart touching feeling to our hearts were a day's order some years back. But, these days we have come across different genre of music like Rock and Reggae style, hard music, DJ, etc. Moreover, new artists with new styles decorated today's musical shows. Artist of yesteryears also still exists. So, the old and new artists are all part of Manipur matam eshei. Within this fold, Priyanka Rajkumari is a new, young and a talented artist.

Priyaka Rajkumari is a new face among the singers of the state. She is the child among three siblings of RK Dayananda and RK ongbi Dhiroda Devi. Her parents even though not associated with music lend a heart for it. This allows Priyanka from her early stage where she acted and sang whether it follows the tune or not.

Her parents still feels the moment where Priyanka sang when her mother was in the kitchen, when her father was working at the courtyard. They never thought Priyanka has grown up this age. Not just at her desires but her parents knows the inner talents of Priyanka wherein she could perform music. So, her parents decided to fulfill the wish of Priyanka and made her one of the finest singer.

Priyanka Rajkumari

Priyanka Rajkumari

Her parents decided that her daughter should pursue a career in music. They approach Tapta band singer Sangita Khangembam. Priyanka then started her initial learning of music under the guidance of Sangita Khangembam. After her performance at musical programmes and functions in her locality, school and colleges her first stage performance was through Sangita. Then she took guidance from Himalay of Yaiskul. She also learnt Manipuri music from Ashem Bimala. Priyanka completed Visharad after her various learning from different guides.

Priyanka was first introduced on stage with the song 'Ho ho Khoimu, lamdanba khoimu...' (Kombirei) sung by Chongtham Kamala. She was offered the opportunity to present this number at a musical programme held at MDU Hall which was organized by Sangita. Priyanka from this day onwards started her stage performance. She got various occasions for performance.

Besides, she got the prospect to performed mixing with her new compositions and old numbers of other well known singers. Her passage stumbles upon a situation where her acting skills could be exposed. She acted in music videos where she also sang the number. Her debut music video 'Mityengduna' was released in 2014.

The music video was directed by Romen Kei. Her musical journey got deeper from this moment onwards. Again, Priyanka acted for the music video 'Khoidarure' directed by Dhanaraj. Surjit Khuman's 'Keku Yaa' will have playback singing from Priyanka. 'Chinbangi Nungshiba' and many other music videos are coming where Priyanka lends her voice for it.

All this achievement comes from her efforts only. This shows that a person succeeds if he or she dedicates in the particular career. Priyanka tells about how a person succeeds with her dedication with help from her parents. Hard working singer Priyanka's aim is also to become a well known singer in the days to come.

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This profile was first webcasted on October 14, 2016


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