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Rina Arambam

Rina Arambam

Name : Rina Arambam
Father's Name : Arambam Rajen Singh
Mother's Name : Arambam Ratrini Devi
Address : Kwakeithel Moirang Purel Leikai
Born on : Wednesday, 1994
Education: B Sc 5th Semester

Rina Arambam

Rina Arambam

Different reknown singers have risen in the journey of Manipuri music world. Some of them have faded. They have their own styles and also sing to their genres. Now, new singers in their new style of music are mushrooming in Manipuri music. Many old numbers of yester years remain evergreen and melodious till today. But, the journey of music still continues in everyone's heart. New style of music of different singer flaunts our minds. New one replacing the old one is what the natures make in our society. And this doesn't occur only in music.

In today's era of Manipuri music, various artists have risen and are trying to make a room of their own. They struggled a lot so that they pierce through the minds of the listeners. Their numbers are increasing day by day. Among the new entrants of Manipuri music is one Rina Arambam. She aims not only to become one of the popular singers but also wish to be a good music teacher. She has her own different style of presentation. She is now a common name among the listeners. She is now 23 years old. She is the only daughter and eldest with one younger brother.

From her tender age, Rina has a keen interest in music and theatre. But, she is more interested in music. Her parents want to fulfill her wish and interest. So, her parents groomed her form childhood. Her family offered every possible supports to her. They never wanted to lose what Rina wish to be. They do whatever they can do. This may the most fortunate moment of Rina. Because, the support of parents is a much for someone to be make a succesfull career or profession in music.

Rina Arambam

Rina Arambam

Beside her wish to become a popular singer with the support and guide from her parents, Rina could hold a certificate of visharad course in Hindustani classical while she was reading in VIII standard. Her first guide in classical music is none other than Arambam Jamuna, a reknown singer. Apart from her career in music, Rina also learnt acting from Kangabam Tomba and was an actor for Khunai Theatre.

With the lesions of music and theatre, Rina now is a glimpse for every listener in musical shows. She was guided in her stage performance by singer Uttam. Had Uttam not helped Rina, no one might hear the beautiful and enchanting voice till date. It might have taken some more time to hear her voice. Her talented performance on stage for musical shows led her to sing for music videos.

Inakta nakna phammu, lonna haige naapada, ahanba unaba mitkupta, nungshiabdi nungshi are the songs which Rina sings and as well as act in music videos. She has also sung for the upcoming film 'Sandrembi Chaisra' and various other new projects. She is now pursuing Nipun course from Kha-Manipur Hindustani Sangeet Mahavidyalaya, Kakching.

She aims to be a popular singer in her near future while she also wants to share her musical knowledge to others. In short, to become a popular singer and a good music teacher is her wish.

With her cheerful and beautiful smiles and the inherent talent of music, she is working hard to make her dream comes true. She is confident on her struggle. Her parents one hand is doing every possible thing to let their daughter fulfill her wish.

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This profile was first webcasted on February 25, 2016


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