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Wangkhem Bidyamani

Wangkhem Bidyamani

Wangkhem Bidyamani Devi Singer's Profile

Name: Wangkhem Bidyamani Devi
Father's Name: Wangkhem Ranjit Singh
Mother's Name: Wangkhem ongbi Nungshitombi Devi
Permanent Address: Elangkhanpokpi Makha Leikai
Present Address: Wangkhei Keithel Ashangbi
Date of Birth: Thursday, July 30, 199x
Educational Qualification: Arts Graduate
Favourite Colour: Green
Favourite Dish: Chicken and Ironba
Favourite Actor: Kaiku
Favourite Actress: Bala
Favourite (Old Singers): A. Shyam and S. Tijendra
Favourite (present singers): Suren and Pushparani
Ambition: Acclaimed Singer and also to become a guide for singers

Wangkhem Bidyamani

Wangkhem Bidyamani

Her voice is enchanting, her songs are worth listening. She performs in almost all the musical nites thereby giving a different taste of music to the crowd. Luckily or unluckily she has not been able to become a singer to be known to every one. So, she is determined to have a name in the music industry of Manipur. She believes she will one day become a singer which everyone admires. Nevertheless, she is one among the upcoming singers of Manipur.

Apart from becoming an acclaim singer of Manipur, Bidyamani also aims to become a music teacher in her future career. In a meeting, Bidyamani shares her struggle in music from her early stage of life. Her father though not popularly known was also a singer. He has interest in music, drama and Sumang Lila. He has a vast knowledge in music and learnt the art of music renown gurus. Unluckily, he could not become a renown singer.

Bidyamani's elder sister is also a succesful theatre and radio artist. Undoubtedly, Bidyamani was born and brought up in a family where music exists. Following her father's footstep, Bidyamani from her initial stage of life was deeply associated with music. Whether correct or not she use to hume to music. On seeing her interest in music none of the music loving family members of Bidyamani defy her wish to become a singer. Rather all the family members encourage her. This led her to gain more knowledge in music.

Wangkhem Bidyamani

Wangkhem Bidyamani

Later, at the very first step of her music career, Bidyamani started learning modern song under the guidance of Hamom Naba. Hamom Naba is her first music teacher. The moment was when Bidyamani attained the age of 16. She also learnt Nat Sankirtan from B. Netachandra Sharma. Later in 2007, Bidyamani again learnt Modern Song from Sagolsem Tijendra.

Under the guidance of S. Tijendra, she has gain as much in music. She was introduced to stage performance. She loves the moment where Tijendra use to called up on stage and perform. She also studied in Bal Mukunda Dev Music College and has completed Bisharad. She has also completed Gitanjali in Modern music from Khairagar University. She is trying to complete the masters course too.

Bidyamani apart from participating in various Inter College Youth Festival has been endorse with various award in her learning stage. This is a turning point in the musical career of Bidyamani. She was among the Top Ten finalist in the state level modern song competition organised by the musical group 'Sargam'. Achieving third position in 'Best of AMMIK' was a grand succes for Bidyamani.

In the year 2010, Bidyamani was adjust best singer in 'Best of AMMIK' and led to be among the popular female singer of Manipur. In 2013, Bidyamani was also achieved the Kese Tamna Best Singer in the music competition titled Kese Tamna organised by a musical group known as 'KOG'. All these rewards was a great achievement for her musical career. From this moments, Bidyamani got the chance to perform on stage along with other senior singers.

Till now, Bidyamani contributed as a playback singer for the films like Minambagi Phajaba, Tai-onnare, Linthoingambi, Langla-langjin, Jiri Leima Imphal Thoibi. She has also sung for about 7/8 upcoming films. About 6/7 songs of Bidyamani can be heard through Manipuri music videos. Her latest release will be a music album based on crime against women and Koubru Hill range.

As there is no signature song of Bidyamani right now is in a state of confusion. But, She said that she will never let her opportunity gone from her. She is trying her level best to make her name a never forgettable one among the popular singers of Manipur.

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This profile was first webcasted on May 10, 2015


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