"HUNPHUN" The first Naga Feature Film in DVD from MiziM Production

Info by: Shanchui Zimik *

The much talk about Naga feature film "HUNPHUN" (see Addie Chiphang's review here) film is going to be available on DVD.

MiziM Production is officially releasing "the first Naga film DVD" on second week of June 2009 as a summer entertainment package. The DVD will be sold at the following cities: Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Shillong, Manipur and Hunphun Town at the rate of Rs 200.

Hunphun Poster

Hunphun Poster

In regards to this, we MiziM Production urge all your support in helping us by buying our DVDs so that we could produce more film in near future to entertain you and to be a part in creating the Naga Film Industry, which in return will help generate employment and gives platform to our hidden talents in the form of creating professional promising Actor, Director, Editor, Cinematographer, Script writer, Music Director, Director of photography, Animator, Vj, Anchor etc.

Piracy problem being the top priority in every entertainment industries of the world cutting across race and countries, we humbly implore to the mass to buy only the Original MiziM Production 'HUNPHUN" film DVDs. By doing so you are making the world a better place by appreciating the human moral ethic and supporting your Actor, Actress, singers etc.

Should you buy pirated "HUNPHUN" film DVDs, the money that you invest is not going to help neither the Actors nor the production house but only the thief.

Behind the scene

Behind the scene - Hunphun

Keeping in mind the great responses that we got from you we like to thank you all for your kind tremendous support. Rooting from your support we are now undeterred to work harder. We would like to highlight what MiziM Production is into and what you could expect in the near future. Music compilation with Music video is schedule for winter entertainment package and the next romantic film is on for next year (2010).

Watch "The making of Hunphun - ( A Tangkhul Naga Film)" at ooba - http://ooba.e-pao.org/index.php?id=10056

* Shanchui Zimik, Manager MiziM Production (Hunphun), Awontang, Hunphun sent this information to e-pao.net - eRang.
They can be contacted at mizimproduction(at)gmail(dot)com
This article was webcasted on June 04 2009.


Who is the Best Actress?

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