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A few of the things most talked about and what's being looked at in the Manipuri films is to make the Manipuri films very much Manipur-ness, reflect the life and attitudes of the people of the land and whither the Manipuri film. It can be understood from seeing the recently made Manipuri films that the producers, directors and script writers are making serious attempts to change the earlier habit of mixing dance, songs and dreams and bring in realistic changes into the Manipuri films.

Good films never lack audience. There are films of which expectation was really high and which drew heavy crowds but turned out to be far from being able to meet the people's expectations. But in art, no one can cheat. Reviews and criticisms pour in next day after the premier show of every film held at Hapta Kangjeibung. When the audience say the film is not up to the mark, a thousand explanations of the producer can never convince the cinegoers.

The second production of Bandana Films, Kaboklei was shown for the first time in Manipur on three wide screens at Hapta Kangjeibung on January 9, 2009. The vast ground where 15,000 seats were laid out were jam packed with the huge audience, in fact, burst with the zinc sheets enclosing the ground were pulled off.

A scene Magidamamkni

A scene "kaboklei"

The journey of the Bandana Films started somewhat tamely with the Akhunba Mani and has been proceeding towards a clear direction with its second production Kaboklei. The film exposes the hidden character of human beings. The journey of the Bandana Films so far is surely successful.

After a long gap, Manda returns to film with the title role in Kaboklei. This one is quite different from the earlier roles she had played.

Kaboklei is a simple, self contented and straight forward girl. Other people call her naughty. Her father lies in the death-bed writhing in pain due to a serious disease. Unable to bear to see his father's suffering, Kaboklei goes out in the street in the dead of night to call a doctor. On the way, some miscreants outrage her modesty.

She then nurtures a fire in her mind of taking revenge upon all immoral men. However, unable to do anyting, she conceals her story with a vow to teach morally depraved men a lesson.

After her father's deah, her mother goes away to live with another man. A local aunt arranges to keep Kaboklei at a Minister's house. The eldest son of the Minister, Pamheiba treats her lovingly and even decides to marry her.

With a view to availing her of a way to stand on her own, the Minister appoints her as a grade IV employee in a government department. In the office, she finds a few women of different characters. She opposes their nature and argues with them saying that Meetei women should be courageous enough to live as purely as Meetei women.

What follow as the scenes unfold had better be left for the readers to see for themselves. Before you go to see the film, you'd better take a thick handkerchief with you since you are bound to shed plenty of tears.

The film's cast include Sadananda, Manda, Seema, Dhanamanjuri etc.

Story Kh Pramodini, screenplay and dialouge Narendra Ningomba.

Producer Bandana Meisnam and director Pillu Heikrujam.

* NaNi reviews this film in Hueiyen News Service.
This article was webcasted on February 03, 2009.


Who is the Best Actress?

  • * Abenao
  • * Binata
  • * Devita
  • * Kamala
  • * Manda
  • * Sonia
  • * Sunila


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